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Thanking Benevolence and Kindness in Britain with our Thank You Gifts

In our article UK Gift Occasions for the World, we argued that Thank-You is one of the three most important segments of the gift market. However it is very poorly catered for within the industry.  Perhaps the vaqueness, open-endedness or the lack of any clear definition in terms of what makes a good Thank You gift naturally makes it a gift segment, which tends to be catered for by cottage industry creations.  However, we prefer to see the Thank You Industry not as a market to sell a plethora of products, but as an opportunity to augment and tailor an ideal concept, something which is appropriate yet pleasingly innovative and professional. Like a lot of things in life, there really isn't any need to reinvent the wheel, when all it needs is some polish and loving attention. 


Thank You Gifts - The Artful at the Forefront

Any gift we receive is a beautiful thing, but we all feel happier when it's nicer.  We all want to receive a well thought out and executed gift as it brings much more satisfaction.  In this sense we cannot allow ourselves to be driven by science alone because the mathematical science is but a mere toddler in terms of its infancy.  Instead we must revel in the art of human creation.  The art of design, it's organisation, the implementation and the art of designing Thank You Gifts for the UK market, which not only reflects Britons kindness and generosity towards each other, it captures the spirit and essence of its existence.

It may sound wistful and rather idealistic, but there is a highly detailed methodology at play when we develop Basketsgalore Thank You Gifts.  We start with societal needs first and it is this which so dramatically changes the emphasis.   We understand that there is a need for Thanking gifts which are important not just for Family occasions, but beyond that immediate circle to extended family, friends and most importantly to strangers who have helped, cared for, inspired or enriched our lives and those whom we love. 

Woman receiving a Basketsgalore Thank you gift basket

Thank You Gift Theory

When you want to send a Thank You Gift to someone who has cared for you or your family,  whether that has been because of medical reasons, having offered sanctuary, or simply because of their support, its difficult to even begin to imagine what to send.  The obvious default option which will be presented for selection is flowers, but we think part of our job is to be imaginative and create alternative intriguing options to enrich the range of options.   We imagine Thank You Gifts, which are the perfect way of saying thanks in as wide a range of circumstances as possible, yet still curiously personalised to the requirements of the sender and modified appropriately for the requirements of the recipient. 

So with such an important segment of human civilisation being woefully under-catered for, how do we decide what to create hoping that you will appreciate its worthy of sending as a Thank You Gift.  Well lots of people consider the idea of sending Thank You Hampers or a Gift Basket with a Thanking theme.  The advantages of such a neat package are in its ease & simplicity of delivery:

Women exchange Basketsgalore Thank you gift

The most frequent Thank You message revolves around four key themes

We thank those who have enlightened us with their Teaching,

We send Thank You Gifts to carers and those who have shown compassion to ourselves and very often our elderly relatives,

We send thank you gifts frequently to those Friends and Family who have given us a helping hand

Colleagues, work associates, tradesmen and professionals are also frequently the beneficiaries of our thank you gifts when they often go out of their way to help us.

Apart from these four major times when we send thank you gifts, there is the more human dimension which is simply a thank you gift completely out of the blue.  Thanks for being there with me on my journey in life, but that's the subject for another article. 

For now we are only interested in explaining why Thank You is one of the three most important occasions during the year for sending Gifts in the UK.  It's why we think about how to differentiate our offers and in future articles such as Thank You HamperGifts, Thanks You Gift Baskets, Thank you Hampers and Thank you Gifts, we'll investigate what we have done differently to ensure that when it comes to selecting a Thank You Gift in the UK at any particular given price, an online assembler of gifts such as ourselves is a slam dunk winner of an option.    How do we decide what goes into them?  Well that's the most scientific part of the equation, which we will look at in greater detail in follow up articles.  A quick overview would explain the process simply as a Product Grid Matrix ensuring that the most appropriate elements are intrinsicly included, but that fringe concepts are possible and that increasing detail is attainable. 

Thank you gifts by Basketsgalore being opened


We are fortunate to live in a Kind and Benevolent society where charity, compassion, tolerance and kindness are seen as strengths rather than weaknesses.  Every gift we send to thank others strengthens that sense of community and enhances our social awareness in terms of what is important in our lives.  The least we can do is put a lot of effort into our Thank You range of Gifts and we hope that whether you receive one or wish to send one that the experience you have shopping with us makes you thankful that you picked us, so that our legacy for creating better gifts for occasions such as Thank You reverberates down through the ages. Britain is a society of small businesses and diverse tolerance.  It's what makes it greater than the sum of its parts, which I think is a good comparison to our Thank You Gifts.

Basketsgalore Thank you gifts in focus