Win-Win with Filled To The Brim Savoury Gift Baskets and Small Local UK Producers

When shopping we all want to shop locally but it is just so convenient to use Amazon. We love Amazon too but when it comes to Gift Baskets we argue it pays to shop directly.

There are so many benefits from this type of local shopping. Small artisan-produced products more than likely have the highest quality, being hand-made and more than likely someone’s passion, not just a business. Additionally, when we shop locally we support our friends and family’s businesses. Local businesses are also great for the economy, helping towns grow and create job opportunities.

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Gift Baskets are commonly filled with gourmet foods, it is up to each company which producers they pick to use within their Gift Baskets. At Baskets Galore we primarily select small producers and all of them from within the UK. Tregroes Waffles, for example, is a family-run business that started within their home in Teifi Valley, West Wales. Or Joe&Seph’s, a popcorn brand from London, run by a husband, wife, and their eldest son, which also started in their family home kitchen. When we choose these small producers, we give them the opportunity to expand and grow, just as we did from a ramshackle out-house and a snow covered winter marquee in our Mother’s garden 20 years ago.

Our mum who still needs to come in and help us with the Christmas period!

Our range of Savoury Gift Baskets utilises small companies prodigiously and creates them saporously. We can deliver unusual producers & tastes to your loved ones.  We create the opportunity to shop locally, from hundreds of small, local suppliers, online. We have broken the barrier to local shopping, no longer do you have to get a bus or drive to find these little hidden gems, we have placed them all together in a beautifully presented gift basket. For our Simply Saporous Gift Baskets, we have selected white wicker baskets, they are bright and captivating, offering something different than the traditional wicker which you might find at other gift basket companies. We think that the white is a tad more modern and uplifting, which is fitting with the intentions when you shop with us. Our entire existence as a company revolves around ensuring that the intentions you send a gift with, are evident as soon as the recipient opens it. We send gifts for when you cannot be there to celebrate, we ensure that your love is evident through our gift baskets.

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Simply Saporous Gift Baskets contain an array of savoury foods such as cheese truckles, biltong, biscuits, and preserves. They arrive beautifully presented in a wicker basket, hand-packed for each order. We have made these incredibly versatile to be suitable for every occasion, personalised by a gift card with your message. We pride ourselves on the full-sized product that we use within our gifts. 200g cheese truckles, with some baskets containing more than one, at a very competitive price point. We will never put anything in our gift baskets that we would not be happy to eat ourselves, using only the highest quality of goods, but as we buy in bulk we can offer them at a cheaper price to our customers; meaning we are significantly better value for money than supermarkets.

Often gift companies offer an entire range of savoury gift baskets, we still offer our traditional cheese and wine gifts, but this new range is innovative and captivating and we cannot wait to see where it takes us.

Our Simply Saporous Gift Baskets allow shoppers to support local businesses from the comfort of their own homes and have gifts shipped across the United Kingdom to their loved ones.

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Our Simply Saporous Gift Baskets can be purchased online at

Our Simply Saporous philosophy is part of a broader gift basket strategy, which focuses our minds on creating the greatest gift baskets in the world without too much fuss and fanfare.  We refer to it as simply done and our philosophy of how our processes work for you is well captured in

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We're the original and probably still the purest gift basket company in the UK.  It stands to reason that we'll have the most sophisticated thought process when it comes to gift basket design.  We hope that if you are searching for a savoury gift basket in the UK, there will be something which delights you from our Simply Saporious range.