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Celebrating All Lifes Successes in Britain with our Gift Baskets

In our article UK Gift Occasions for the World, we argued that Congratulations was one of the three most important segments of the gift market. However it was very poorly catered for within the industry.  Perhaps the frivolity, randomness or fleeting nature of its existence makes it a gift segment, which is best catered for with small, cheap and cosmetic gimmickery.  However, we prefer to see it not as a market to sell products, but as an opportunity to create something different and fitting, something unique yet reassuringly familiar.   

We try to design the Congratulations gifts for all those significant occasions when our daily lives seek a way of congratulating those close to us for what might at first glance seem like such a trivial acchievement in the grand scheme of things.  However they are majorly massive events in the lives of those we care about and the importance of the relationship we have with others dictates that thoughtful selection and efficient execution of the Congratulations Gift Delivery Company is essential.  Every success in Britain should have a Congratulations Gift Basket or Hamper, which is perfect for the event or person.

Congratulation gift design

Congratulations Gifts - Science beyond the Art

So how do we do it?

Well there is absolutely no point following the science.  It simply isnt sophisticated enough to draw any meaningful data from.  So instead we must look towards art to lead the way with abstract creations and innovative design.   The art of identifying Congratulations Gift concepts for the UK market, which stand out and serve the community.

We start with societal needs first.  That makes such a difference.  We identify that there is a need for Congratulations gifts which are important for all those Family occasions when you want to send a Congratulations Gift for Announcements whether it be births, graduations etc.  We need Congratulations Gifts to send when our friends and Family pass exams & tests.  We like to send a Congratulations Gift when we hear of others success in life whether that be an appointment, winning a contract or  securing a career job or promotion.  There are also a myriad number of other occasions when you want to send congratulations gifts.  Divorces, Recoveries, Finishing a personal project, citizenship - the list goes on and on.

It's the almost limitless extent of those Congratulations Occasions, which is both it's inherent opportunity and at the root of its misfortune.   The occasion overlaps into so many organisational gift possibilities that very often the best Congratulations gift ideas are buried within the catacombes of the search engine results or the catalogues of various gift companies.  We are no exception.  We have a brilliant product, but many purchasers have in the past simply chosen a generic design rather than one with a Congratulations theme. 

And this is where we admit to applying just that little bit of science when it comes to our designs.   When it comes to deciding what to buy as a Congratulations Gift, we are the beneficiaries of many years of data, even from the dayts before Google was the dominant search engine.   We know that lots of people consider the idea of sending Congratulations Hampers or a Gift Basket with a Congratulatory theme, but they want something spectacular, something that stand's out and something that makes a splash.    

Congratulations Balloon in a Hamper

Top Reasons for sending Congratulations Gifts

Wishing to Congratulate immediate Family Members is the top reason for sending one of our Gift baskets or hampers, but the definition of the immediate family for many has appeared to change over the past number of years. 

Immediate family is no longer only defined as the same genetically linked conventional structure, it can be organisational and it can also be trans-national.  Another understanding is the vital role performed by friends often stepping into the support role perhaps performed more frequently in previous decades.

Regardless of the definition, certain events trigger a desire to send our messages of Congratulations and it truly is a journey through our lives. 

Our Parents may have been congratulated on the announcements of our Births,

their friends may have sent them a Christening Gift on your behalf,

then you have may-be received a Congratulations Gift Basket on your Graduation.

An Engagement, a Wedding or another Family Announcement may have prompted a flurry of different Congratulations Gifts to come your way. 

Thereafter you take up the baton as you age yourself of touching others lives with inspirational and great commemorative Congratulations Gifts.

Perhaps you wish to Congratulate your friends and family on their every success as you champion and mentor them.  Every advancement they make in life, every job they move into, every new appointment, every promotion, every big contract they win, every award. 

Alternatively Congratulate them on every exam they pass whether it be formally accredited or simply for increasing their knowledge.

Some of the most unusual Congratulations Gifts are unusual and you wouldn't perhaps immediately think of them.  Congratulations on your Divorce is popular as is Recovery and Operation.  Fixing Something or Finishing illicits a lot of Congratulations messages.

Congratulations Hamper Presentation

When sending a Congratulations message the Context is King.

Its impossible for one company to create distinctive Congratulations gifts for so many types of events and for so many different types of occasions, but it is essential for a variety of companies to define exactly how it wants their Congratulations Gifts to be perceived, it's vital for companies to understand what role they play in the wider Congratulations Gift Segment and issue statements highlighting why their ideas are such an outstanding options for those busy members of society who simply want a selection of strong, viable options for a variety of occasions throughout the year when they want to send a Gift with a Congratulatory theme.

We know that Congratulations is one of the three most important occasions during the year for sending Gifts in the UK.  Yet it is all too often presented with ill thought out and inappropriate gift options- as if its an after-thought.  May-be it is, but we choose to examine it in more detail and differentiate our offers.  Future articles such as Congratulations HamperGifts, Congratulations Gift Baskets, Congratulations Hampers and Congratulations Gifts, we'll investigate what we have done differently to ensure that when it comes to selecting a Congratulations Gift in the UK at any particular given price, an online assembler of gifts such as ourselves is not just a good option,  it's a sublime choice.  You'll be so pleased you'll congratulate yourself on finding us.

In follow up articles, we will look in greater detail at what goes into our Congratulations gifts.   A quick overview would explain the process simply as a Product Grid Matrix ensuring that the most appropriate elements are intrinsicly included, but that fringe concepts are possible and that increasing detail is attainable. 


Congratulations Gifts Professional Quality

Summary Celebrating All Lifes Successes in Britain with our Gift Baskets

We are fortunate to live in a Democracy where the quest to advance ourselves socially and economically is attainable to all of us.  Yet the path to success is not easy and is often harder than we originally imagine. Every gift we send to Congratulate others strengthens that commitment to improve ourselves and enhances our social awareness in terms of what is important in our lives. 

We put in a lot of effort to our Congratulations range of Gifts and we hope that whether you receive one or wish to send one that the experience you have shopping with us makes you thankful that you picked us, so that our legacy for creating better gifts for occasions such as Congratulations becomes ever greater. 

Britain is a society of small businesses and with a fabulously successful heritage.  We're making Great British Congratulations Gifts and we're putting them in the most perfectly beautiful Baskets.  We think they say Congratulations perfectly and we hope your life becomes as full of gift baskets as is possible.


Fun Opening Congratulations gift hamper