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Thoughtful Birthday Hamper Gift

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A thoughtful Birthday HamperGift has to contain an assortment of highly desirable and edible treats. However where the Thoughtful Birthday HamperGift excels is in its universal appeal to a persona, rather than an individual.

This is 1 of 5 flawless Birthday HamperGift designs, where the contents are specifically selected for Birthdays without them being age or gender specific. The editing of contents is managed visually and subordinated to the key marketing requirement, which is to quickly and conveniently transport a Birthday Gift from our warehouse locations in UK and Ireland to anywhere in the world within 48 hours.

You can send these wonderfully intelligent Birthday HamperGifts for any Birthday Age Group, and for every type of person’s Birthday without scrutiny or fear of the contents being a” waste of money”. There are no Birthday cliches, there is no stereotypical guessing as to what people of a certain sex or age would prefer in micro detail. Instead there is just a warm sense of positivity that can purchase these HamperGifts safe in the knowledge, that they the perfect Birthday solution to distance and time barriers or obstructions. The concept just works - every single person we could think of, wherever in the world they resided the capacity to create their perfect Birthday HamperGift, intelligently customised with a selection of wine grape varieties was clear.

This HamperGift was visualized for sophisticated women who know precisely what they are about and expect it from life usually aged from their thirties, forties, fifties and sixties but this Birthday HamperGift could just as easily appeal to a man, perhaps somebody who likes the decisiveness and vibrancy associated with the red colour or maybe someone who has their eye on a specific flavour or product within the HamperGift.

The key attributes are of deliverability, superiority of the selection of edible contents and the sheer convenience. Essentially if these Birthday HamperGifts could be compared to an international brand that we are all familiar with, it would be IKEA. Future drop downs in order to be viable will deviate from the generic concepts, but that’s why we developed an entire range, to give you the inspiration for a Birthday Idea and then importantly ability to act on it decisively.

Happy Birthday Colourful China Mug (Choose from ageless Happy Birthday mug or 40th/50th/60th/70th/80th/90th Birthday mug)
Fresh Chocolate Cake 400g with Happy Birthday Message
Happy Birthday Chocolate GNAW 100g
60% Dark Chocolate Figs Forest Feast 140g
Double Chocolate Mallow&Marsh Marshmallows 100g
Dark Chocolate Popcorn Bites Joe&Seph's 63g
Chocolate Caramel Cups Deliciously Ella 36g
Hazelnut Chocolate Buttercups LoveRaw
Irish Salt Hand Cooked Crisps Shindigs 40g
Vegan Chocolate Coconut Bites Ape 26g
Chocolate Character Lolly

Create a range of something different, yet traditionally utilitarian Birthday hamper gifts containing something that can be modified to an individual character/recipient’s age or personality. It must be easily & safely transported across Europe with a value for money unsurpassed anywhere on the continent.

We wanted our HamperGifts to be synonymous with innovative solutions throughout the year cleverly designed and perfectly executed without the razzmattazz of our Gift Baskets. We also wanted them to complement our superb range of hampers and not compete with them. They needed to be flat, compact, yet still charmingly striking and substantial value for money. Intelligent design would maximise efficiency, which would facilitate a higher value proposition for our customers and a wider selection from which they could choose.

How could we create high quality compact hampergifts starting at the cheapest prices possible without compromising on the value equation of the contents. Running parallel to this demand was the need to retain our individuality and creative imagination in the editing of the Gift Occasion idea. To put it bluntly; how could we do this segment of the Hamper market justice?

We started with the parallel of how we could bring something different to this segment of the market - to ostensibly offer something overtly different. So our Birthday HamperGifts would all target a specific characteristic, whether that be interestingly different, memorably thoughtful, Entertainingly Fun, or Enjoyably Celebratory. Yes there is a price sensitivity, there always is and our HamperGifts are the cheapest gift ideas on our website, but there are several other considerations we needed to address at the design stage with regards to delivery. Particularly pertinent were; speed & availability, consistency of quality, brand presentation evoking trust and the problem solving expediency of any specific HamperGift.

Since our data goes way back to the turn of the century even before Google was the dominant search, since we were the architects of createyourowngiftbasket UK, which accounted for 1 in 8 sales in its hey-day before AI Advertising suites and various other sites in Ireland and the rest of the world our customer data analysis screamed; “give us chocolates, give us nicer biscuits, show us something differently interesting. Of all the elaborate commemorative Birthday Gift products, nothing says Happy Birthday aswell as a Messaged Mug. We love our Happy Birthday Mugs and all those milestone Birthdays occasions.

We wanted Birthday Hampergifts to be packed with lots of smaller, colourfully complementary elements blending seamlessly with an edited selection of popular and favourite top quality products from our general hamper range. In so doing value could be extended to a lower price tier rather than being expressed purely in terms of a clumsy product number counting formula. We expressed the significance of the Birthday occasion through strong colour identification. The flip side of this is the potential for guerish clashes, so we extrapolated the most popular colours associated with Birthday and focused on blending them into a set of themes. This also had the intended consequence of rushlessly eliminating a wide range of products, which simply did not conform to the colourful objective. This meant our principals and loyalties were being tested and challenged. This is a fundamental pre-requisite in creating differentiated products so we knew we were on the right lines.

We de-emphasised our brand name and elected to brand the gift occasions themselves with a Happy Gift Box concept. Our logo is so small as to be barely recognisable as this is a product, which is specifically designed to celebrate the individuals Birthday Event, rather than promote the supplier.

Finding the perfect Birthday Gift can be a daunting task for us all. Our Birthday Gifts have been designed to make it an enjoyable experience. Feel free to read through how one of customer's ended up purchasing this precise Hamper Gift on my blog 'Its Pretty Difficult to find the Perfect Birthday Gift in the UK'. 

The Thoughtful Birthday HamperGift is perfect for a women who deserves a little birthday treat to herself. With indulging products, as well as a keepsake the recipient can keep as a memory of you.

It is ideal for women aged between 30-50 years old. In particular, it would be suitable for a 30th birthday, 31st birthday, 32nd birthday, 33rd birthday, or 34th birthday. However this age group is not imprinted in this gift and really it could be sent for any gender, or any age thanks to the versatility of the products.

Presented in a beautiful, bright, decorative “Box of Happiness.” Measuring approximately 33 x 23cm Professionally gift wrapped with cellophane and beautifully decorated with a bright and luxurious satin ribbon. Guaranteed to make your recipients smile.

Accompanied by a Happy Birthday gift card and envelope - you will be prompted for your personal gift message during check out.

Lightweight and suitable for both UK delivery and international delivery to the EU. Delivered in a bright and colourful Baskets Galore branded cardboard box.

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