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Ageless Birthday Gift Basket

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Age and Gender are the most common ways humans classify themselves, but isnt food universal? Does not the dilema of what to get someone as a Birthday Gift pop up several times during the year - Are we getting closer with this Gift Basket idea?

This is 1 of 5 stunning Birthday Gift Basket designs, hinting and suggesting, without being age nor gender specific. You can send these thoughtful Birthday Gift Baskets for any Birthday Age Group, for every type of person’s Birthday.

There is a wonderful absence of stereotypical monotony associated with the Birthday industry’s data profiling. You can purchase these Gift Baskets safe in the knowledge, that they are good Birthday ideas, but they will be deliciously appropriate.

It just works - with every single person we could think of, the capacity to create their perfect Birthday Gift Basket, thoughtfully personalised with a Birthday Mug or Mug Message as chosen by you was obvious.

In all respects this is a non gender specific general Birthday Gift Basket, simply colourful and inclusive.

It stands out purely on the basis of something alternative to the standard market segmentation approach and with its future drop downs allows for the expansion of choice to celebrate the enormous diversity of the human mind.

The key attributes are the importance of receiving a professional premium finish Birthday Gift Basket product, something which oozes brand quality, the visual coordination and the sheer choice and suitability of its application.

Essentially if these Birthday Gift Baskets could be compared to an international brand that we are all familiar with, it would be Volkswagen in that they simply do everything precisely, a premium feel without the premium pricing.
Future drop downs in order to be viable will deviate from the generic concepts, but that’s why we developed an entire range, to give you the Birthday Idea and the ability to act on it easily.

  • Fresh Chocolate Cake 400g
  • Happy Birthday White Mug
  • Hazelnut Truffles PowderPuffs Butlers 200g
  • Original Irish Oat Cookies Kilbeggan 200g
  • Ethical CardomonTea Bags NEMI
  • Vegan Tangy Worms Jealous Sweets 125g
  • Chocolate Enrobed Mango Forest Feast 120g
  • Irish Cheddar&Onion Hand Cooked Crisps Shindigs 40g
  • LowCalorie Cheesy Pretzel Spelt Bites Indie Bay 26g
  • Brave Roasted Chickpeas coated in Dark Chocolate 30g
  • Willies 80g SingleEstate Chocolate Slab
  • Happy Birthday Chocolate GNAW 100g
  • Vegan Peanut Buttercups Love Raw 34g
  • Puffed Tiramisu Wafer Mamma Loretti's 15g
  • Presented in a Small White Round Basket

We imagined a compellingly desirable range of Fancier Birthday Gift Baskets appealing to all society with no specific gender bias and avoiding inappropriate stereotyping.

We insisted that focus had to be on quality, presentation and imagination at the most affordable price point possible. These Birthday Gift Baskets had to be the finest, stunning and most beautiful way of sending Birthday Wishes within Europe at a popular price point.

Basketsgalore started up purely to be a Gift Basket company, hence the name and we had a dream for our Gift Baskets to stand out in the huge gift industry market, to do it better than far longer established hamper companies and as professionals to strive to be the pinnacle of creative design through human imagination.

Our primary mission objective was to create Gift Baskets for friends and family, which exceeded your expectations, so with this in mind we thought about our friends and family. How could we capture the thoughtfulness of the sender in terms of what it was they were ordering.

How could their thoughtful wishes, their relentless search for the perfect Birthday gift be captured through the peculiar curiousity value of one of our Birthday Gift Baskets?

We wanted the “wow factor” to synonymous with every Birthday Gift Basket, by using layering and height.

Essentially we were attempting to create a sense of drama with the interlocking design of complementing Birthday specific colours. The stage we selected for this drama was a custom specified premium white satin painted rattan shopping basket.

Shape and angle had to be perfect in order to ensure transportable affordability. We wanted the Gift Basket to look up at the recipient and pose them a dilemma.

“This Birthday Gift Basket is so beautiful, I’m reluctant to open it and spoil the visual aesthetic”. Set within the framework and nestling within the cast of supporting deliciously appealing elements, we would introduce our lead character; the Birthday Mug.


We demand Brand Quality appearances from our creations on a daily basis.

You would expect this from a company that has been serving the world for almost 20 years. We learned, we listened, we got better.

We picked from the products you liked and wanted in your Birthday Gift Baskets. We colour coded them according to packaging and we messaged them.

To give an analogy, we selected the products by their raw talent, but used their existing costumes where we could and only elaborated when it was essential. This has created coordination within each theme and it means that our branding is not our own corporate design, but of an ethos, which can be understood or shared with both the purchaser and the recipient.

This is the artistic element of what we did.

The science was the Protocol. In order to ensure professional appearance, and maintain quality standards, which are associated with leading Brands, a protocol was developed for value weighting of individual component parts of the Birthday Gift Basket.

Obviously the most noticeable element is the (Colourful Birthday Mug). However, after this this protocol ensures that correct layering and structure of the design on the daily assembly line is maintained with manic zeal.

Combining the Art and Science of design within the Birthday Gift Basket range is essentially the culmination of our original Gift Basket Vision.

Presented in a high quality, reusable shopper basket with handles. Made of natural wicker and lined with calico cream, linen fabric.

Measuring approximately 37 x 32 x 15cm.

Professionally gift wrapped with cellophane and beautifully decorated with a bright and luxurious satin ribbon.

Resulting in a true “wow factor” upon delivery.

Accompanied by a Happy Birthday gift card and envelope - you will be prompted for your personal gift message during check out.

Lightweight and suitable for both UK delivery and international delivery to the EU. Delivered in a bright and colourful Baskets Galore branded cardboard box.

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