Although we try to cover all reasons and occasions for gift giving, sometimes we get requests for a gift for a recipient that we don't quite have covered.Lynne recently redesigned all the gift baskets for children and these are suitable for children of ages 1 to 8 years & above. We also have a range of teenage and student baskets suitable as both get well and birthday gifts. But what about those really grown up children, who aren't quite teenagers yet?A customer recently got in touch after ordering our "Feel Good Fruit Factor" basket to ask if it was possible to make it more "10 year old friendly". "Of course" we said without hesitation. Victoria even managed to include a smiley in the gift card message as per her request. I had originally thought the gift was for a boy and so had selected a Marvel Sticker Book, Angry Birds Colouring Set and Novel By Bear Grylls. I've boy stuff on the brain with 2 of my own! I then confirmed it was indeed for a grown up girl and so these items were swiftly changed for a Sunshine Colouring Book, Crayola Colouring Pencils, Novel by Holly Webb & Little Lost Kitten Teddy. We kept the Sudoku Puzzle Book, Cute Balloon and Selection Of Fresh Fruits. We think this little lady will love receiving such a gorgeous gift basket all for her, and we hope she feels better very soon!We sent our Customer in Barking the picture of the amended gift basket and we were delighted to hear back from her.
"Thank you very much for making the basket so pretty. The girl was delighted, and so am I now that I see it (I was at work when she received it). I will probably make an international order soon. Very happy with your service, thank you. Kind regards"
Isn't it lovely when things work out well, this really made us smile :)