It only occurred to me yesterday that I hadn't actually made any New Years Resolutions yet, well not officially. Subconsciously I must have though, as Lynne & I have booked ourselves in to try a new Trampolining Fitness Class next week. I'm also taking a Body Combat Class this evening after my gym membership had been on hold for a while since having my son in August. So I suppose my resolution is to get active again.Selina has also been busy planning new wooden floor for her living room, and has now added a new sofa to the list after an incident with an exploding Chicken Kiev last night! So I suppose her resolution is to do all those things around the house that she's been wanting to get done for ages.I asked around the rest of the office and no-one really has anything in mind. I think we're all still tired from the Christmas rush & a few people have been ill recently, so I mainly heard murmurs of more sleep, time out and holidays.As 2017 has only just begun I looked at the most popular New Year Resolutions for 2016, and found this great infographic below. I am the most predictable with my exercising! Resolutions tend to be the same from year to year, as it's all about wanting to better yourself. We have to make them achievable however, otherwise you are destined to fail from the start! The 17th January is the day most people are likely to ditch their resolutions so I must remember to blog again with an update. If you don't hear from me I may well have confirmed this statistic!VERY-NEW-IG-1 Source: you made any resolutions and how are you getting on almost a week in now?One resolution I can recommend is treating your friends and family more, so why not start by checking out our Winter Sale for a prefect pick-me-up or birthday present perhaps?