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The Greatest Gift Baskets in the UK

Student Gift Baskets

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Gift Baskets for Students by Baskets Galore, filled with locally sourced food products, chocolates & sweet treats along with pampering skincare for girls and gadgets for guys. Students need to be constantly energised and ready to learn, a state of mind often hard to achieve when living away from hom...e on a budget. Send them a great gift basket filled with brain-power enducing snacks and comforting reminders of friends & family at home.

No matter if they are working toward a class project or studying for university exams, keep your loved ones on top form with a Student Gift Basket from Baskets Galore UK!
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Airborne Antics

Airborne Antics Gift Basket

A "take flight" basket suitable for any occasion. Incorporating the technologically advanced Silverlit Sky Thunderbird 3-Channel Radio Control Helicopter, a Catapult Launcher, and a Classic Pocket Kite. Combined with a glossy Men's Mag of your choice, an Action DVD and some tantalisingly tasty manly snacks and candy to satisfy his inner child!


All Things Nice Birthday

All Things Nice Birthday Basket

If you want to wish a lovely person a lovely birthday, then this very cute birthday basket filled with yummy delights and all things nice, should do the trick!



Beauty Licious Gift Basket

A beautilicious bath and body care gift basket filled with a selection of smellies, and fun pamper treats that look good enough to eat. And we've also included some scrummy milk chocolate piglets, honeycomb chocolate hearts, and delicious mallows she actually can eat!


Candy Crush

Candy Crush Gift Basket

Give them that Summer feeling by sending this fun gift basket filled with warm weather, holiday treats such as marshmallows, sweeties, waffles, lollies and gourmet popcorn. Here comes the sun!


Cheesy Sunshine Basket

Cheesy Sunshine Gift Basket

Send them a taste of sunshine with this cheesy gift basket combined with tasty Mediterranean themed savoury goodies including authentic French paté, Spanish reganas, sunshine olives and savoury mixed nuts.

Regular Price: £39.99

Special Price: £34.99

Chocolate Connoisseur

Chocolate Connoisseur

A chocolicious gift basket containing a selection of chocolate boxes including the nicest mint ganache truffles they will ever have tasted! Rounded off with a variety of baked goodies such as iced cupcakes, muffins and waffles, all butter fudge, boiled sweets and gourmet popcorn ensure that this mid priced chocolate basket is a perennial best seller.


Chocolatising Sensation

Chocolatising Sensation

This gift basket is all about the enrobment and embellishment of chocolate to superbly original products, making it a real chocolate sensation.

Regular Price: £44.99

Special Price: £35.99

Confection Perfection

Confection Perfection

We present our perfect concoction of high quality candy and chocolates in a gift basket. A Basket overflowing with wicked sugary treats such as Milk Chocolate Piglets, Mallows, Lollies, Fudge, Sweeties, Cupcakes and Belgian Chocolate Waffles that will have them grinning from ear to ear!

Regular Price: £49.99

Special Price: £44.99

East Virginia Gift Basket

East Virginia Gift Basket

This base gift basket in our team/sharing range is perfect for 1 or 2 people. The emphasis is on tasty snacks & sugary bite sized goodies including crisps & nuts, popcorn, muffins & cupcakes. An ideal work or study aid, this basket will provide some sustenance, and is guaranteed to brighten their day. If you know a student studying abroad, have colleagues in need of a boost, or would just like to say cheers - then this basket is the solution!


Entertain You

Entertain You

Guaranteed to entertain and provide some much needed distraction, this gift basket is packed with a really cool miniature train and railway set, a sports car construction kit, and some sweet snacks for munching!

Available with or without a message balloon. Select from drop down.


Exam Cram

Exam Cram Gift Basket

Help them sustain brain power, or send them a well deserved treat, with a Gift Basket filled with a selection of snacks and goodies and an inspirational Mug inscribed with the words "Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams, Live The Life You've Imagined" by East of India.


Exam/Graduation Gift Card

Exam Gift Card

Upgrade to a larger "Exams" Gift Card to theme your gift basket & we'll include your printed message. Choose from Exam Good Luck, You've Passed Your Exams or You've Graduated using the drop down menu.


Gadget Guy

Gadget Guy

All boys love their toys, making this a great gift solution if you're a bit unsure of what he's into. The Silverlit Sky Thunderbird features three channel 2.4GHz radio control, fun to fly, and suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts. Remarkably robust, with an incredibly smooth and responsive performance, it's accompanied by your choice of Magazine, some sweets and baked goodies.

Select Magazine type from drop down - Sports, Health or Lifestyle.


Good Luck Balloon

Good Luck Balloon

Add a Good Luck inscribed balloon on a stick. Size 9 inches Long lasting heat sealed foil balloon.


High Flyer

High Flyer Gift basket

The perfect all rounder gift for men. Containing the brilliant Silverlit Sky Thunderbird three channel 2.4GHz radio control helicopter, your choice of popular Men's Mag and DVD, and chocolate pizza, chilli puffs and ginger beer. A top seller that's guaranteed to make his day!

Select your choice of Magazine from drop down - Sports, Health or Lifestyle.
DVD Upgrade: The Theory Of Everything


Model Man

Model Man Gift Basket

An assortment of big boy toys make this basket an ideal pressie for a man who has never truly grown up - which let's face it is most men! The well renowned Silverlit Sky Thunderbird three channel 2.4GHz radio control helicopter, is an innovative lightweight remote control helicopter suited to either indoor or outdoor flying. He can also show off his yo yo skills, and challenge someone to a aeroplane race.


Motivational Gift Basket

Motivational Graduation Gift Basket

The ideal gift for someone in need of motivation, or to let them know you're proud, or rooting for them. Often bought as a study aid, this summer themed sweet treats gift basket is filled a selection of scrumptious goodies including, giant chocolate buttons, cupcakes, marshmallows, popcorn, lemonade and a decorative keepsake wooden plaque inscribed with the words "Take Pride In How Far You Have Come & Have Faith In How Far You Can Go".


No. 1 Girlfriend/Wife

Number One Girlfriend/ Wife Basket

Want to tell the love of your life that she's simply the best? This pretty pamper and sweet treats gift basket arriving on her doorstep will ensure she gets the message. Filled with a selection of high quality smellies, a mug telling her she's the world's greatest girlfriend or wife, some scrumptious chocs and the most huggable bunny in the world. A unique and long lasting gift that's so much better than flowers - in our humble opinion anyway!


No.1 Boyfriend/ Husband

No 1 Boyfriend/ Husband Basket

You'll be the World's Greatest Girlfriend or Wife when he takes delivery of this fantabulous gift basket filled with a little bit of everything a man could want. Manly snacks, sweet treats, big boys toys, some sexy massage oil and a macho (not cute at all) cuddly monkey. The only thing that's missing is you. Email us a photo, and we'd be only to happy to add it for you.


No.1 Daughter/ Sister

Number One Daughter/ Sister Basket

When you want to tell her that she's simply the best, this scrumptious gift basket should fit the bill. Filled with a selection of gorgeously sweet chocs and pamper treatments, a gift mug telling her she's the world's greatest daughter or sister, and the most huggable duck in the world. She'll be tickled pink!


Skin Tastic

Skin Tastic

A very sweet gift basket for a younger lady or teenager filled with cute pamper goodies, mallows, sweeties and chocolate buttons!


Spa At Home

Spa At home

This pretty gift basket is filled with all the ingredients for a complete spa at home experience, all that's missing is a hot bath!


Super 16th Birthday

Super 16th Birthday Gift Basket

Wish them a Super 16th Birthday by sending this scrumptious gift basket filled with a variety of yummy chocolates & sweeties, a chocolate cake, candles and birthday balloon.


Teenage Dream

Teenage Dream Gift basket

A fun & frivilous pamper basket that will be a hit with any teenage girl. Containing a large cuddly bunny, teen mag of your choice, a selection of pamper treats, and of course some scrummy chocs, sweets and lollies!

Available in 2 options, a young teen 13-16 yrs and an older teen 17-21. We'll include age appropriate magazine. Simply select from drop down.


The Chill Out Basket

The Chill Out Basket

A fun filled pamper & chocs gift basket guaranteed to brighten any girl's face. She can chill out with Hoagie the big, squeezably soft teddy bear, beautify herself with a selection of fun pamper items, and gorge on yummy chocolates while chill-axing and watching a great movie........gosh, I'm feeling jealous writing this!


World's Greatest
Boyfriend/ Husband

World's Greatest Boyfriend/ Husband

Do you have the best Boyfriend or Hubbie in the world? Let him know by sending this fun & tasty gift basket containing a colourful gift mug telling him so, some savoury manly snacks, some not-so-manly sweet treats, and a big, strong, macho monkey. He'll think you've gone banana's, but will absolutely love it!
Select your choice of mug from the drop down.


World's Greatest
Daughter/ Sister

World's Greatest Daughter/ Sister Basket

Do you have the best Daughter or Sister in the world? Let her know by sending her this fun & scrumptious gift basket containing a selection of gorgeously sweet chocs and pamper treatments, a colourful gift mug telling her she's the world's greatest daughter or sister, and the most huggable duck in the world. She think you're quackers, but will absolutely love it!


World's Greatest
Girlfriend/ Wife

World's Greatest Girlfriend/ Wife Basket

Tell your better half that she is the love of your life by sending her this pretty pamper and sweet treats gift basket. Containing a duo of luxurious body essentials from Scottish Fine Soaps, a mug telling her she's the world's greatest girlfriend or wife, scrumptious chocolate piglets, drinking chocolate & mallows, and the most huggable bunny in the world.


World's Greatest Son/

World's Greatest Son/ Brother

Do you have the best Son or Bro in the world? Let him know by sending this fun & tasty gift basket containing a selection of seriously yummy snacks, chocs, candy, the really cool quercetti rocket parachute (age 14+), a colourful gift mug telling him he's the world's greatest. For big kids everywhere, we challenge any guy not to love this basket!