What is the best gifting solution for a nation that survives on tea?

As a nation, we love tea. Simply Tasteful Gift Baskets are the core of UK Nationality. They are the solution to gifting Tea and Biscuits in the most sophisticated manner. Containing an abundance of tea, coffee and biscuits, they are tasteful in regards to the appearance, appropriateness and quality of the products we select, not the flavour.

As a nation, the UK is known for being lovers of tea. The running joke that tea can solve any problem you may face. Tea can be comforting, or social, or a celebration. We can enjoy tea at Afternoon Tea, High Tea, Cream Tea even or maybe you are an English Breakfast Tea person? Where do you get your tea from? Tea bags, loose tea, compressed tea, instant tea, bottled, or canned tea? Our Tea is the of the highest quality; we would expect nothing less when it will serve the UK nation everyday. Simply Tasteful Gift Baskets always contain Tea and a substantial array of biscuits and sweetened treats. Simply tasteful refers to more than the flavour; the range we have created has good taste, exemplary manners; they are an exquisite manifestation.

Our dutiful Queen enjoying a cup of tea

If it is good enough for the Queen...

Tea and coffee gift baskets are hugely popular; this is for a few reasons. They are suitable for all occasions; birthday, get well soon, and thinking of you … the list goes on. At Baskets Galore, we have taken a very critical approach to the creation of our Simply Tasteful Tea and Coffee Gift Baskets. We have analysed the nation's purchases, scrutinised the nation's best suppliers, and investigated every flavour within the UK. This is what we have found; if you do not offer tea to the UK nation, you have failed as a Gift Basket company. We have two main tea suppliers, NEMI, and SD Bells. NEMI is a UK brand, which is focused on innovating flavours and ethical sourcing. A very contemporary company, with bright and eye-catching packaging, but they also have a job scheme for refugees and only source FairTrade suppliers. Our other supplier is from another part of the nation, Northern Ireland; they are SD Bells, the oldest Tea blenders, supplying the nation since 1887.

NEMI Tea                SD Bells Tea

By using tea producers from across the Nation, one can ensure they cater to everyone’s tastes. Tea, coffee and biscuit gift baskets are such a huge business across the UK, by including a traditional and contemporary brand, there is a greater variety for the wide range of customers who could receive a gift basket. Nationally, yes we love tea, but when creating tea and biscuit gift baskets there needs to be an element of sophistication, this is why they are created with ‘Simply Tasteful’ in mind.

Simply Tasteful is a creation using our decades of experience, optimizing the classic gift baskets which customers return time and time again. The range has been created with the end receiver in mind; the way in which we pack our tasteful gifts means that upon opening there is a beautiful impact but also as you unpack, there is more and more underneath. Part of the gift is the experience you get when opening it.

Afternoon Tea Gift Basket          Afternoon Tea Gift Basket Presented

We offer a wide range of ‘Simply Tasteful’ Gift Baskets, and there is one for every budget. We understand that when shopping online there is always the question regarding the actual size of the final, delivered product. This is why Baskets Galore always includes the weight of every item on the contents list. We also include lots of photos, including people receiving our baskets so that you can get a firm grasp on what the finished product will look like before you purchase from us.

Our ‘Simply Tasteful’ gift baskets optimize the knowledge Baskets Galore has gained through their decades of trading. Our Simply Done motto ensures there is no naff and nothing unnecessary placed in our gifts, no more, but no less than what is required to create simply stunning gift baskets.

That is what Simply Tasteful is. Nothing too outrageous or fancy but simply tastefully executed. We keep the outrageous sweeping statements for our blogs

 Simply Tasteful Logo        Simply Done Logo

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