Sending suitable Sympathy Gifts and Get Well Gifts in the UK is difficult as choices are limited. Why we think it's important to provide gift solutions for the more awkward occasions of illness and bereavement.

At Basketsgalore we take great pride in our very wide range of gifts for every occasion.  But we don’t limit our gift designs to popular gifting occasions that we know will sell really easily, such as Christmas and Birthday gifts. 

We wanted to offer an Always Open, All Year Round Gift Service and to grow our gift tree catalogue with welcoming wide branches, allowing it to incorporate gift occasions that aren't very well catered for.  We identified a need to offer unpopular gifts that other gift companies weren't fulfilling, because they considered them awkward or uncomfortable.  Sympathy Gifts and Get Well Gifts fall within these branches.  

Get Well Gifts UK by Basketsgalore

Gifts For Unfortunate Occasions With UK Delivery

There aren’t many gift companies that offer Sympathy Gifts and Get Well Gifts in the UK.  

For the purposes of this conversation we're going to call them Gifts For Awkward Occasions and tell you about we create the BEST Sympathy Gifts and Get Well Gifts in the UK.   We provide the solution for those times when you're required to send a gift due to someone else’s misfortune, and you aren’t sure what type of gift to send.  Or when you find yourself in a position of responsibility for sending such a gift, and you are unsure of the correct gift etiquette in such circumstances.

We will be focusing on how we conceptualise, design and develop gifts to service these less popularly catered for gift occasions.  And we’ll also touch upon their features and benefits, in an attempt to explain our philosophy - that a business is only as successful as the society it serves.  

A business grown from a tiny acorn relies heavily on authentic customer input, genuine customer requests and honest feedback.  A forward thinking innovative company will never shy away from challenges and hard work - if its plans are for honest growth and longevity.  At Basketsgalore we witnessed a societal need - and we continue to do our best to fill and sustain it.

There is no disputing that the conceptualisation of Sympathy Gifts and Get Well Gifts is an awkward process.

Sympathy Gift by Basketsgalore UK


UK Sympathy Gifts That Say Thinking Of You 

Sympathy Gifts - or Condolence and Bereavement Gifts  - as they are known in other parts of the world outside of the UK are most definitely categorized in the not-sure-what-to-purchase-as-a-gift section.

To date most gift companies have considered Sympathy Gifts and Get Well Gifts to be tricky, and consequently avoided offering them in favour of “easier” gifting occasions that can be fulfilled with generic ideas that don’t require much thought or intelligence.

Sympathy Gifts and Get Well Gifts are awkward, as both events are extremely personal to the gift receiver -  whilst being unfamiliar to the gift sender.  

The reasons for this can be twofold; in the event of a bereavement or illness the sender may not know the recipient on a personal basis, and therefore the nature of the gift must be impersonal yet warm.  This is most obvious in the scenario where the gift sender is a work associate or distant relative living abroad.  

Secondly the gift sender may know the gift receiver quite well, but they themselves have never experienced first hand the death of a loved one such as a parent, or received news of a terminal illness diagnosis.  The sender may feel either overwhelmed with emotion, or completely out of their depth or comfort zone.  The search for an appropriate gift to solve their dilemma, whilst adequately reflecting their sentiments becomes a main concern and focus.

So when it comes to Sympathy Gifts and Get Well Gifts, we know that the motivation behind the gift is the sender’s desire to let the end receiver know that they are thinking about them at a difficult time.  To do this,  the sender seeks a way to send a greetings message, alongside an appropriate gesture that demonstrates either their condolences or best wishes.

Traditionally, the gift of choice to fulfill this dilemma has been a bouquet of flowers.  However, the reason for this was the absence of an alternative gift option. With no gift alternative on the marketplace for those who wanted to send something other than sympathy flowers,  we decided at Basketsgalore to present an alternative gift range, in the form of Sympathy Gift Baskets, Condolence Gifts and Bereavement Hampers.  

Features and Benefits of Sympathy Gifts UK

There are only so many flower deliveries that a household can withstand before they run out of enthusiasm, and vases! Each bunch blends into another, completely blurring the well wishes of the individual sender and negating any benefits of the gift itself.  

We imagined an alternative gift option which would stand out aesthetically and have practical features and benefits.  Our range of Sympathy Gifts includes a selection of gift baskets and hampers filled with good food and beverages equipped to bring comfort in a time of sadness.  A food hamper has a utilitarian purpose at a time of difficulty providing sustenance and/or practical application as the contents can be used to serve to or share with well wishers visiting the home. 

Get Well Gifts UK by Basketsgalore


UK Get Well Gifts That Say Take Care of Yourself

As for Get Well gift options in the UK, the traditional solution on offer has always been a fresh fruit basket.  Whilst these are very popular, again we thought it was important to branch out and offer an alternative gift option for those that didn’t wish to send fruit.  Real customer requests and genuine feedback over the last decade and a half, has afforded us the opportunity to learn that food items such as fruit weren’t always appropriate in circumstances where individuals were on a restricted diet for health reasons.  Our solution was to create an extensive range of Get Well Gift Baskets themed to incorporate angles such as good health, fund and entertainment, wellness and pampering.  Added to this concept is the ability for each Get Well Gift Hamper to be adapted and catered towards a specific individual’s personality and interests.  

Once again we wanted to create an alternative gift solution which would have practical features and benefits.  Our range of Get Well Gifts includes a selection of gift hampers filled with healthy edible treats and beverages.  We also have a wide range of non food Get Well Baskets filled with gifts that are both practical and indulgent with features that can entertain and/or pamper.

Mindful Get Well Gift Basket

Next Day Delivery UK Nationwide

Added to all of these benefits and features is of course our ability to assemble, dispatch and deliver your gift of choice effortlessly and efficiently throughout the UK on a next day basis.  

Our Sympathy Gifts and Get Well Gifts choices continue to develop and grow in both quantity and imagination, as we strive to offer more solutions to fulfill societies requirements when it comes to finding and sending gifts on those delicate occasions when you don’t know what to send.

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We hope you find them as interesting to read about, as we do creating them.