How do you make Interesting Birthday Gifts (UK Delivery)

There is no more powerful way to acknowledge others than to send them a Beautiful Birthday Gift.


Birthdays are a special time of year. They are a great cause for celebration and to show someone how much you appreciate them. Wishing someone a Happy Birthday with a Birthday Gift Basket or Birthday Hamper is an easy way to make their special day one to remember. The primary focus when creating the Birthday Range was to make it a simple and enjoyable experience from choosing, ordering to receiving the gift.

Time and time again we see the UK market place flooded with Birthday Gifts which leave us stereotypically guessing as to what people of a certain age or sex would prefer. Our Birthday Gifts have been designed with inclusivity at the forefront.

We have produced four main collections which are Fun Birthday Gifts, Thoughtful Birthday Gifts, Interesting Birthday Gifts and Happy Birthday Gifts. Each collection has a main feature item which can be customized to the preference of the recipient.



Four Collections Birthday Range


Why magazines are an essential factor in our Birthday Gifts

Built into our Interesting Birthday Gifts is a magazine that is tailored to the recipient’s individual interests or hobbies. Our Birthday Gifts allow you to select the best fit for their personality. This gives you the assurance they are receiving a gift you know they will enjoy.

Firstly is the Yellow Birthday Gifts. These gifts include magazines for sporting interests such as running, golf, football or cycling. In addition to these we’ve also added the option for you to request any type of magazine. We will do our best to accommodate you from what is available in our warehouse.

Following on from the Yellow Birthday Gifts is the Blue Birthday Gifts which contain Magazines for general interests from cookery to travelling or gardening. Next up is the Red Birthday Gifts, they consist of knowledge based magazines for someone who has a special passion or would simply like to learn more about a subject. These range from National Geographic to Home Improvement.

Last but not least is the Foil Birthday Gifts, added into these gifts are our top selling magazines like Women & Men’s Lifestyle or Hello Magazine. While I’ve mentioned many choices, there are more magazine options available inside the Interesting Birthday Gifts.




The added bonus in each of the Interesting Birthday Gifts is a ‘Happy Birthday’ scented candle. The scent which has been selected is linen and white pepper and smells absolutely divine.

The soothing effect that candles have is based on how the brain processes smells. The smell stimulates the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that holds memories and emotions. In short, specific scents can be attractive to you because of the memories you have in association with them.

That’s why we’ve merged magazines and a scented candle. What better way to spend a birthday than unwinding with an interesting magazine, lit candle and a glass of vino or cup of tea. Magazines are a very good means of spending time for you. In which you can get information about the latest happenings in sports, science, news, fashion etc. As per your choosing!


The future for print and the power of the pandemic

Covid-19 and the countless lock-downs have impacted every business including us but none more so than the paper industry. Production slowed down due to capacity closures, meaning stocks have run low and prices have sky-rocketed.

Although there is good news, the pandemic has defined a new normal. As consumers spent more time at home, we relied on digital outlets for information about the world. That same reliance and exposure increased our mistrust of social media and its bias for misinformation and ‘fake news’. This is great news for the print industry as it produces more reliable information. Its considered trustworthy by the majority of consumers.

This played a huge factor in selecting magazines as a feature item in the Birthday Collection. Our Birthday Gifts were designed in the middle of the pandemic. During this time our main focus was to provide an invaluable solution to finding a Good Birthday Gift. Whether they be a friend, family member, acquaintance or colleague. These aren’t your typical sub standard Birthday Gifts, there is a depth and complexity to them. With the intended goal being to bring laughs and smiles to the UK market place.


Birthday Gift Delivery


So why not gift your recipient an intelligent Birthday Gift which has their preferred interests and hobbies in mind?



The Birthday collection as a whole is original on account of the recognizable colour coordinated options we offer. They are visually appealing and follow a theme which can be easily identified. Along with the customizable features we have also incorporated several packaging concepts. There are the Happy Birthday Gift Boxes, Modern Birthday Hampers and Simply Beautiful Gift Baskets. The principle and motivation behind these concepts can be read on our other blogs ‘UK’s Greatest Ever Birthday Hampers’ and ‘British Birthday Gift Baskets with a Global Reach’.

There is no more powerful way to acknowledge someone than to send them a Beautiful Birthday Gift. When it comes to sending them Interesting Birthday Gifts, then we are confident that our formula of the most popular Birthday themed foods with a print version of the publication that they are most interested in will be a winning combination.