No-one does Easter Gift Baskets quite like BasketsGalore, it's in our name after all!

We have eggs-perimented with various combinations over the years and now know eggs-actly what you like in your Easter Gift Baskets For Kids. We also have Family Easter Baskets and Easter Baskets For Grown-Up's which we will look at in our next blog.The key to creating the perfect Easter Gift Basket is getting the combination of contents just right. So often we see Chocolate Easter Baskets or Easter Egg Gifts. Our combination of chocolate eggs, lollipops, sweeties, cuddly toys and kids books or games are a sure fire hit as not only do they treat the little ones to some chocolates, they also provide some entertainment for during the school holidays.Our Easter Gift Baskets are just that, Easter Gifts. We create and deliver a substantially sized Easter Gift Basket full of Easter themed treats and looking the part. We are often contacted by people or companies wanted small Easter Gifts such as a single egg or £10 gift, but we aren't in the market to supply only Easter Eggs. Chocolate producers themselves are your best bet for an Easter Gift such as these, as they will often branch out into this during holiday times.

Easter Bunny Basket

So let's take a look at our Easter Baskets For Children. After doing this for a number of years it became clear that our best selling Easter Gift Basket was one for a child with the focus being on sweets treats. A single Easter Egg isn't very exciting however, and so we combine a favourite chocolate brand such as Cadbury's or Nestle with Spring animal characters by Lindt, jelly beans, marshmallows and lollipops. No-one can resist baby animals during Easter and Spring time and so a cuddly bunny by Keel Toys also makes an appearance. The gift basket is then themed with an Easter gift card and Easter balloon.

Easter Bunny Basket For 2 Children

We then started to notice Customers ordering 2, 3 or sometimes 4 Easter Baskets or choosing the Easter Bunny Basket and mentioned 2 children's name in the gift card message. We knew the single egg might not go down too well between 2 siblings and customers would sometimes email to ask if we could add another Easter Egg into the basket. This is when our Easter Bunny Basket for 2 Children was born. Inside this an extra egg was included, and also an extra bunny, extra characters, lollipops and sweeties too. So basically you are now seeing double!

Easter Basket For 3 Kids

Not content with 2 children, we then added an option for 3 siblings. Again they receive extra items, so everything in triplicate, apart from the gift card and balloon. This year the cuddly toys in this basket are a bunny, lamb and cute sheepdog.

Easter Gift Basket For Younger Child

We also didn't want any younger siblings, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews or grandchildren feeling left out and so for those approximately age 2-6 years this Easter Gift for a younger child is the perfect choice. Although still containing an Easter Egg, chocolate characters and jelly sweets these have been combined with a colourful reading book, award winning educational game and a cuddly duck friend with soft eyes. As always the Easter Balloon and Gift Card are still included.

If you like the idea of the toys combined with chocolates but for an older child, we also have this covered too with our Easter Boy Gift and Easter Girl Gift. You'll also see some muffins, rock sweets and fruity crisps in this range.If they like Lindt chocolate then this basket could be a winner, featuring a large Lindt Egg and Gold Bunny. There are some crafts to keep them busy and the bunny is a huggable friend with a scented pouch you can heat up in the microwave. Again available in versions for boys and girls - Boyish Hoppy Days and Girly Hoppy DaysWe're sure you'll be able to find the perfect gift amongst this little lot, and remember we also have many more options available for students, adults and families. You can browse our full range of Easter Gift Baskets here

The handy thing about Easter is that the children tend to be off school for 1-2 weeks and so delivery can be made anytime during the Easter Holidays. We started shipping Easter Baskets at the end of March and will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks.For any last minute shoppers the last day for pre-Easter delivery is Thursday 18th April, as the couriers do not deliver on Good Friday and Easter Monday. You can order now and pick a future delivery date.