An Introduction to our InfographicThis is the first informational piece in a nine part series, which seeks to explain the position of Basketsgalore within the ultra competitive online gift basket market from an international perspective.We know that many of our customers run small businesses, or want to support them.  Our insight into the critical assessment of competitive environments, gleaned over 15 years into the industry, might be of interest to some.  If you would like us to look at your business in a similar fashion, please get in touch.  We’ll do it honestly and objectively, and create a digital link out to your business.If you’re in the market for a Christmas Hamper this year, please feel free to use our infographic, to take a look at our competition - for comparison purposes.  We’re supremely confident in both the quality of our products and the emphasis we place on providing a first class customer service experience.Thank you very much for taking the time to read about us. We are very grateful and hope to continue to be of service to you in the future.The following infographic is our current take on the industry we operate within.In any retail market there will usually be one to three Generalists, with a forth sometimes possible in extremely competitive industries.  After this, there are the Product specialists, ie bakers, fruiters, butchers.  Then there are Market Specialists wholly dedicated to creating the perfect experience for the product you seek, and understanding that the experience is more than just the product itself.The general idea behind retail is that if you are not one of the generalists, then it is acceptable to be smaller and specialise in a certain market or product, so long as you have a significantly large market segment.This is a key element in helping to understand how Department stores grew and evolved in popularity, and it still governs their strategy.  However, it is in the area of fulfilment where the real growth is occuring and is of particular interest to our society as big businesses get bigger.Over the next 8 weeks, we will be looking at how the competitive environment shapes our product offering in comparison to our rivals.We’re going to look at how we compete with companies in our industry in the following order:Basketsgalore (BG) v AdvertisersBG v GeneralistsBG v FulfillmentBG v AmazonBG v Department StoresBG v Market SpecialistsBG v Product SpecialistsFinal Summary ConclusionsSo what type of a business are we? How do we perceive ourselves?  Well, we started off being pure product specialists, evolved into being market specialists and for a short period of time were probably perceived as a generalist.  However that’s looking at things scientifically - what we really are is simply a small family business, which started from our Mother’s garage and are determined to deliver the greatest and most imaginative gift baskets in the world to your friends and family.We love competition, it’s what makes us strive to be better and understanding our position helps us to define our products better for our customers.  We hope you enjoy this series and find it interesting.  Please let us know your thoughts.