€150 is our most popular price point during the festive season. You may not know how much you want to spend on your Gift Basket, or simply be overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices. We realise that we do have quite a few Hampers to choose from! Not to worry, we are always a quick live chat, call or email away happy to offer guidance or advice.Each of our hampers are designed with particular themes in mind.  We do this to help you find the perfect gift to match your loved ones personal preferenceBelow you will find a very small selection of our Hampers around €150;The wine lover…Christmas Traditional Party Hamper - €172.80A gift basket bursting with festive delights! The heart of this basket contains the key elements of our ‘Christmas traditional’ range such as smooth Swiss chocolate, mine pies made by a master baker, traditional Christmas pudding and artisan spreads and preserves. On top of the core elements is a tetrad of Australian and New Zealand wines as well as a scrumptious bottle of bubbly. This gift basket has been a top seller for us for the past fifteen years! Each year we give the hamper a little tweak in  order to make it better. This year we have decided to make the hamper bigger, meaning more goodies for your loved ones to indulge on! The winter warmer… Christmas Traditional Banquet - €161.09Filled with only the finest quality festive fayre from across Europe, it’s no wonder this has been a staple in our Christmas line up of gift baskets each year. A Hamper filled with luxury Christmas pudding and mince pies alongside an array of creamy cheeses and hand crafted preserves and spreads. Organic tea, kitchen made Irish oatcakes and gourmet Spanish wildflower honey make this basket a perfect treat for any ladies who lunch, or someone who enjoys a cup of tea to warm up after a long cold winters day. The family…Alcohol Free Colossus Xmas Hamper - €168.29As the name suggests, this basket is humongous! Brimming with tasty treats for everyone, no one in the family will be left feeling excluded if you surprise then with this amazing hamper. An array of traditional festive favourites are coincided with scrumptious artisan chocolates, spiced apple cake, luxury chocolate waffles and all butter Irish shortbread.  The basket is fun for the entire family, swapping out wines that would be more traditionally found in Christmas gift baskets for organic teas, luscious lemonades, tangy ginger beer, sparkling apple cider and energising coffee everyone will find something to tickle their taste buds in this festive giant!Remember this is only a small selection out of the abundance of gift baskets we have falling into this price range. We take pride in our hampers and ensure they are filled with the highest quality products throughout the UK and Ireland. Our gift baskets are securely protected from the inside out in order to ensured they are not disrupted during the delivery process. By going the extra mile with the protective packaging this allows our baskets to be delivered across Europe too. If none of the baskets above really catch your eye - maybe you are looking for a basket containing smoked salmon or something tailored more towards a Christmas breakfast. Please simply browse our website… We guarantee that we have the ideal gift solution.