Birthday Gifts for Friends – Hampers and Gift Baskets offer great ideas in the UK

When choosing a Birthday Gift for your best friend, consider something heartfelt and in the moment like a Birthday Hamper or Gift Basket. We offer beautifully designed gifts, perfect for any friend. 

What Gift should you Send your Best Friend?

What are good gifts to send to our friends when it's their birthday? The issue of finding good birthday gifts to send to our friends is an interesting one.  It's an occasion when we will almost inevitably make a purchasing decision, and a lot of those purchases tend to be in the way of flowers.  However, are flowers a good gift to send to your friend? Well, firstly, you've got to define who your friend is.  As with any good gift, the definition of your relationship to the recipient is very important. 

Depending upon the age of the person receiving the birthday gift, your relationship to that recipient can vary quite dramatically.  You might be that person's mother, you might be that person's friend, you might be that person's best friend, in other words, defining the word “friend” isn't always about the literal translation of friend.  It can be a friend in terms of a colleague.  It can be a cousin, it can be your partner.   In other words, the definition of friend is interpretable.

Well, I'm here to suggest and proffer the concept of a birthday gift basket or a birthday hamper.  And I think that these products, these birthday hampers, these birthday gift baskets, are absolutely perfect for sending to your best friend.

What Should I Buy for my Friend's Birthday?

Buying for your friend's birthday? There is a straightforward model I'm going to suggest here, which maybe you think has validity or not, but the first thing I'm going to say is, when you're looking to buy for your friend's birthday, ask yourself, what exactly is your relationship? How close is that friendship? Is it one similar to a that of a work colleague? Is it extended family? Is it a new friend? Is it a very old one? Is it a really, really close one, or is it somebody that you would like to be friendly with?

This is very important, stating what the closeness of that relationship is a very big deal. And if you are trying to find a birthday gift, to send, then it's very difficult finding a company which is brave enough to be able to quantify that closeness or to be able to conceptualize it.  And by that I mean birthday hampers, birthday gift baskets, which could just as easily be for somebody you don't really know that well, but is still your friend, and somebody that is a very, very close friend.  If you can find the gift baskets and the birthday hampers which allow you to customise that product, then you can just tweak it towards the friendship level you consider to be appropriate.  Although bear in mind that the customary or the usual human thinking will be, look, I don't really know at this stage what I want to send or what they like, I'm looking for ideas.  This comes across time after time in the search data, and it makes it very difficult for companies to create gifts for friends birthdays, because there's an inherent contradiction in what it is that people's looking for and what they want to send. 

They are browsing for something in mind, but they are not necessarily fixated on that notion.  Something personal, but they don't want to personalise it themselves.  And I think this is whereby the best thing that you can buy for your friend's birthday is one of our birthday gift baskets, our birthday hampers, or a birthday hamper gift.  The reason for that is that they are wide enough to be appealing, but specific enough to be personal.  The definition of that is what makes the designs that we've created such Great birthday gift options for you to buy.

What Birthday Gift to Buy for a Female Friend?

Good question. Funnily enough, It doesn't matter that much about a person’s age. Let's not rush to segment it according to age.  Let's just look for birthday gifts which would be as appealing to a 20 something as to a 70 something. And let's not even entertain the idea that age groupings could be looking for different birthday gifts.  Look, there's a difference slightly.  Whenever it comes to offering ideas or advocating solutions, maybe we're over analysing the differences, and therefore we end up going off on the wrong route and creating solutions to the differences.  Rather than considering a universal solution to everybody's problem, I think that's what makes Basketsgalore such a great birthday gift to buy for a female friend.  The designs, the hampers, the birthday hampers for your friend, they could just as easily appeal to a man.  They could just as easily appeal to a couple.  It doesn't matter, but you are designing a birthday gift which is thoughtful, which is fun, which is interesting and happy. 

The original premise behind the design is one of these would be very suitable for a female friend, but you you're not obliged to take that specific gift basket.  It's a segue.  It's an introduction to the concept of sending birthday hampers and birthday gift baskets to your friend, whereby we're competing in a market, where you're probably thinking flowers or a bottle of wine or some chocolates or a balloon.  It’s the high end luxury interpretation of the birthday gift genre for female friends. 

What to Gift a Male Friend on his Birthday?

Again, no age segmentation, somebody in their 20s, is no different from somebody in their 70s, 80s, or 90s.  Taste is universal, appearance, things just looking right is universal. Attention to detail, packaging, sustainability, imagination, adaptability, versatility, flexibility, these are all things that are as endemic to a 20 something as a 70 or 80 something and all the ages in between. 

When I'm looking for a gift to send to a male friend, I'm not interested so much in their age.  I'm interested in their personality.  Therefore, we need to create personal birthday gifts, not age segmented birthday gifts.  Yet one of the biggest segmentational approaches is to break products down into age and gender demographic, and yet at the same time, we're trying to not pigeonhole people, or not classify them as even genders now or are ageist or sexist or whatever.  So, there's a contradiction inherently within marketing, and yet, whenever I'm looking at what to send a male friend on his birthday, I'm really not thinking about their age. 

I'm thinking about the message that I wish to send that person, and I wish to send it tastefully. And what better way of sending a tasteful message to somebody on their birthday than with food? So if that's the case, and that's the message, and that's what you're looking to send, you're looking to gift then the quality of the products that you are putting into the hamper, birthday hamper, birthday gift basket, whatever it might be, the quality of those products has to be so high. 

You must rely on the providence of the product being tasteful, nicely put together, and that's what raises the price.  If it was just a case of something standard, straightforward, the price could be lower, but the act of wishing to send a taste full birthday hamper, regardless of age, means that you have to put the highest quality into it. It can't be moderate quality.  You need to start at extreme luxury and move your way down to just ordinary luxury in terms of Birthday Product Quality

Whenever it is a birthday, you want to spend that premium to know that what's being received is excellent, not just excellent, but fantastic. Therefore, the only company that I see that sets out to send fantastic birthday gifts is Basketsgalore. 

What is the Best Birthday Gift for a Best Friend?

The best birthday gift for a best friend is something that comes from your heart, something that they're going to enjoy, and something which is in the moment as well.  It never ceases to amaze me how I see these suggested concepts which are not in the moment, which is advocating a consumption into the future, - eg a subscription, or whatever that might be.  I don't think that makes a good gift.  I think it needs to be equated to the actual birthday itself, because then it is more memorable.  

That's a key aspect.   We're only going to have, if we're lucky, a 100th birthday, well, the average man is only going to have, what? 80 birthdays? The average woman? Maybe 85? I’m not quite sure exactly what the figure is now.  So, if we're only going to have a defined number of birthdays, and it's less than three figures, the last thing we really want is for each one of those birthdays to be memorable.  I would say, I’m probably guilty in myself for not celebrating enough big birthdays.  I tend to make them sort of low key and not wish to make a fuss of them and really, we should make a fuss of people.  We should make a fuss of their birthdays.  People tend to defer to not wishing to bring too much attention to themselves, and I would probably be guilty of that as much as anybody else.  But I think it's for us as humans to celebrate other birthdays in a manner which is befitting of the achievement of the survival of life, of enjoying it, of living it.

I think we should make the most effort that we can whenever we're sending the best birthday gifts that we can to our best friends.  I think that as I get older, I sort of appreciate it more the absolute urgency and necessity of sending birthday gifts to celebrate events, to celebrate people's anniversaries.

We're talking about real human beings.  And I think that's something.  When you are looking for what's the best birthday gift for a best friend? It's fine.  The best gift, which is adaptable and customisable and desired by your recipient, because with the best will in the world, you're going to want them to appreciate your gift.  You're going to want them to enjoy it.  You want them to smile.  You want them to laugh.  You want them to feel loved.  You want them to know that you have engaged with them and have put  more than just a cursory consideration for their birthday, but you've put love, effort and energy into it, and when that happens, the only company that you can really use is a company that is thinking that philosophy, which is why Basketsgalore is the company you have to use. 

I say that literally, you have to use it if you are looking to send a hamper or a gift basket or a hamper gift to your best friend, because no other company has that interpretation, that customisation and that quirkiness, which makes it stand out in a sea of mediocrity.  From the products that goes into it to the execution and time that goes into it, and then the final unveiling of it.  Through that sense of mystery, the opening of it and the visual feast that the recipient gets upon opening up the external carton. 

Buying gifts for your Best Friends and for your friends when it's their birthday is something that probably piques our attention into the world of birthday gifts.  It's one of the most frequently used searches, and yet it is so difficult to find great birthday gifts which are going to do the job.  By when I say do the job, I mean achieve the principle aim of your friend feeling appreciated.  The message that you send being one, which clearly states you are one of my best Friends. 

Finally, for them to get that understanding, that interpretation of how important they are to you, when you are looking to pass the test for all three of those components, you have to use the best companies or the best brands, and that's where Basketsgalore is aiming to expose its philosophy with regards to what are the best birthday gifts for your best friends.  

There's a whole lot of possible gift ideas which could be considered “good enough” for your best friends.  That's not what Basketsgalore aims to do. It might be what other platforms aim to do, and they might be good options as well for a low cost, simple throw away type of birthday gift.  But when it comes to channelling all of those soft, intangible feelings, thoughts, values, beliefs, there is only really one company which stands head and shoulders above all others when it comes to capturing those soft, intangible aspects and working on your behalf to send the best birthday gifts on behalf of you to your best friends, and that would be Basketsgalore