Are There Gift Basket Options For Those Who Live In A Rural Region Of The UK?

In the United Kingdom, we are still blessed by beautiful landscapes in the countryside. Being outside is proven to help our mental health; however, rural areas are not helpful when it comes to shopping for gift baskets.
UK Gift Baskets, which focus on tea and biscuits, are incredibly popular. We have designed ours as Simply Tasteful.

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The North West of England is one of the most densely populated areas of the United Kingdom. As a region, it is still rural, with many national parks and of course the Lake District. Also still known for its coal mining, Manchester is very industrial; however, Liverpool is known for its literature, music, and architecture.

This beautiful tourist spot attracts people because of its rich history in weaving and cotton, its rugged landscaping, and of course being home to The Beatles. However, one area which the North West may be lacking is the gift basket industry. Among the magnificent landscapes, there is a significantly lower GDP rate than the rest of the UK compared to its population. The economy in the North West is mainly stimulated by fishing and livestock farming; so unless you are a sushi fanatic, we do not think this is very suitable for gifts. But maybe we are biased.

A beautiful rural town outside Manchester           A Cow in a Manchester Field

A beautiful rural town outside Manchester.             A Cow in a Manchester Field.


Even in a relatively small country such as the UK, the region in which you reside can have huge effects on your spending habits. When it comes to gifting, what are your options when you live in a rural area surrounded by beautiful fields and friendly cows? Do you travel to a neighbouring region? This can be difficult because rural areas have less public transport infrastructure. Do you create something yourself? This can also be difficult as to where you can find resources and time. Therefore, gifting companies are a hugely beneficial solution.

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Simply Tasteful Gift Baskets offer a gifting answer, suitable for almost any recipient, despite age, gender, or personality. And also suitable for most minor occasions, including a new job, get well soon, or even birthdays. Tailoring is also an option, with ribbons carrying different messages and a gift card; shopping online for gift baskets has never been so personalised. Simply Tasteful is not in regards to the flavour, but don’t get us wrong, they taste good too. It is, however, in relation to the aesthetics of the gift basket, including the presentation, quality of products, and appropriateness to occasion. Tasteful as a word is versatile with so many meanings, just like our gift baskets are versatile to your gifting needs.  

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Tasteful gifting sounds expensive. Premium teas and quality biscuits, packaged immaculately ready for your loved ones. While yes, some of our Simply Tasteful range is expensive, we have a range of baskets, with something to suit everyone’s budget and preferences. Our competitors, of course, can create a gift basket with teas and biscuits, but they will not exceed your expectations the way we do. They offer fulfillment purposes; they compromise on size and quality. On the other hand, department stores may offer fewer on brand products at higher prices.

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We have scrutinised over what sells best and created our simply tasteful range to only include these customer favourites. We won’t include the naff which lies at the back of the cupboard, which is flawed creation. We use artificial intelligence, experience, and our whole team's opinions to make sure that what we put into our baskets is highly delectable and enjoyed by the majority of the population. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and the fact so many of you return so often to our website to entrust us with your gifts.

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