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BasketsGalore Filling The Pre-Teen Gift Gap

Think of a gift basket or hamper and you may think they are typically a gift for adults or grown-ups, maybe of the more mature variety. However, at BasketsGalore we try to prove this theory wrong by catering for recipients of all ages.

Of course the biggest category of all is still Christmas Hampers, but we are always growing our all-year-round sales with the most popular occasions being birthdays, get well, thank you and congratulations gifts.

We also cater by the recipient and as well as younger and more mature adults, we offer gifts for babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and students. Gift Baskets & Hampers don't always have to be about food, in fact they can be free of food altogether if you so wish. The gifts for babies, toddlers and children were easy enough to design with baby clothes, skincare & toys and then games, jigsaws, books & teddies for toddlers and young kids. Teenage & Student gifts tended to be easy enough to design too with snacky foods like crisps, popcorn & sweets and magazines, DVD's, pamper treats or gadgets for the non-food elements.

The recipients we had a little more difficulty sourcing items for were older kids or pre-teens, around 8-12 years old. This age group are so grown up these days that we thought they may not all appreciate toys and books.

Lynne, our head purchaser for non-food items, got to work sourcing some products that would work well in gift baskets for this age group. Her research led her to John Adams, a toy company specialising in "innovative and creative play products to children of all ages".

Ravensburger, Lego and Flying Toys also helped us out for the boys toys.

All of these items are available on our "Create Your Own" gift basket site or here are some examples of Pre-Teen gift baskets we have created for you.

Have you any suggestions of items your children would like to receive as a gift?

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