With 7 days left to Christmas, we've thousands of Christmas hamper ready to ship. Your happiness is our priority, which is why we are more prepared than ever for the deluge of orders about to hit our decks. This year our prediction is that retail shoppers will leave it even later than normal due to the 2016 leap year setting Christmas back 2 days. We have the largest and best selection of Gourmet Christmas hampers available in the UK. Our product quality is unrivalled because we have the same small independent suppliers used by prestigious London luxury department stores. Our pledge is to improve the value of our product every year and it is reaching the point of increasingly small incremental and marginal improvements, usually in terms of presentation and packaging. In spite of this we always feel that we can do better and if we think of anything which can improve the experience, we will adjust. However, this year we have introduced 2 new product lines , which bring a freshness of thought to the Seasonal Products Hamper range. We offer several ranges of Christmas hampers every year which are perfect for the London Market as we combine tradition with innovation. Our desire to make things better causes us to put new product creation at our centre meaning that each year there are not only minor tweaks and improvement but entire ranges of alternative products drawing upon our experience of serving our customers tastes throughout the year. This year we have the XYGeneration Range, which sees the more traditional Christmas products modified with innovative approaches in terms of ingredients and creation. We also have an extended range of hampers available at the popular £50-£60 price range making us the perfect website for hamper shopping this Christmas.
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