Happy Anniversary to me! Yes today my husband and I have been married for 10 years, and together for nearly 20! That really does make me feel old. We have booked a night away in a local hotel to mark the occasion, and so decided just to get each other a small gift. I went for personalised tin mugs & he got me an amazing framed photo collage and personalised artwork. When I researched 10th Wedding Anniversary gifts, the traditional gift idea of "Tin" themed presents popped up. It made me wonder if people still use these gift guide ideas, or if they go for the modern equivalent or for something completely unrelated.I know over the years we have tried to get something to do with the theme as it makes it quite fun having to come up with a gift idea to match.1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts - PaperPaper is probably one of the easiest gift ideas amongst these 1st few years, as this could be a ticket, picture, piece of art or certificate etc. Either a DIY effort or getting something personalised made just for you as a couple.2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - CottonCotton items are again quite readily available & in most shops, such as clothing, towels and bathrobes. Although it might not seem that romantic, towels and bathrobes encourage thoughts of relaxation and bathing and so there is something quite lovely about receiving a fluffy bathrobe.3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - LeatherWhen I first heard leather was the theme for 3rd anniversaries I was initially worried about what to get, but then realised items such as shoes, wallets/purses, handbags, belts all count and so there is actually quite a bit of choice. Again all quite readily available and handy enough to pick up locally should you leave things to the last minute.4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts -  Fruit & FlowersFruit and flowers are both readily available but how do you present these without them having a supermarket feel? This is something BasketsGalore help with quite often as we can create fruit & flower themed gift baskets. So the fruit & flower component it taken care of, as well as the presentation and wow factor. You could also go for a non-literal approach such as a floral dress or fruit flavoured wine or cider.5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - WoodFor wood picture frames immediately sprang to mind for me, as I love pictures and what is more romantic than a lovely image of you the glamorous couple or your little family? There are also tonnes of lovely wooden decorative pieces out there or if you are a handy Andy, them perhaps you could put something together yourself?6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - IronFor our 6th anniversary I remember asking my Mum for help as I had just had my 2nd baby the week before. I hadn't time to order anything online and so had to source something iron-themed locally. Of course it had to be iron, not the easiest item to think of a related gift for. We came up with an iron cast stove for the garden which we could sit out in the evenings. Well if the baby ever decided to go to sleep. If I had been more organised I could have ordered an iron key ring or ornament.7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Copper / WoolCopper or wool, entirely different, but if we go down the Copper angle there are quite a few ornaments or pieces of art that fit the bill.8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - BronzeBronze gifts are slightly more difficult to source. I remember Andy got me bronze coloured earrings which I thought was clever and thoughtful.9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - PotteryPottery brings lots of ideas to mind from pretty vases, bowls, tea sets.10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - TinThis is our current Anniversary and after a bit of searching I decided on some tins of cider and pretty personalised tin mugs. We'd love to hear your gift ideas or about the best gifts you have received for your anniversary.