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Leo's Companion Birthday Gift

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Leo's Companion is a Birthday Gift is an astronomically, amazing way to send a Birthday Basket message. When you are looking for symbolism & meaning in a Gift for a Birthday why not just admit you landed on your feet when you found this Birthday Gift.

Birthday gifts are gifts that should be sent without a budget in mind. They are for when you want to send a big, expensive present full of impact to wow the recipient.

Our Birthday gifts are expensive, but very good value. All priced at over £100, you will find a wide variety of full-sized, super tasty products that the recipient is unlikely to have tried before.

Have you ever received two Birthday gifts that are exactly the same? Us too! It's a bit disappointing isn't it. However you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Our Birthday gifts have been carefully curated to be quirky and unusual, that way the recipient wont receive anything like the Birthday gift you are sending them. However they are not so quirky and unusual that the recipient won't like their present, they're just a little more quirky and creative than your average Birthday gifts.

This range of Birthday gifts was designed with 18-35 year old women in mind, the products are of a younger nature like the soft animal teddy, double chocolate marshmallows, strawberry and champagne truffles, and an organic raspberry crush drink. This is quite a fun gift with elements of surprise added throughout the gift which have been carefully selected to surprise and delight.

Our Birthday gifts have playful and creative undertones to them, this is especially prominent with the inclusion of a soft cuddly toy. If you know someone who is obsessed with cute cats, then this gift is perfect for them.

The combination of the feline teddy, the fun flavours, and the bright colours create an amazing Birthday gift the recipient will truly enjoy unpacking. Make this birthday extra special by sending one of our playful Birthday gifts.

Soft Pippins Toy - Your Choice from Tiger, Lion and Siamese Cat
Fresh Chocolate Cake 400g with Happy Birthday Message
Happy Birthday Chocolate GNAW 100g
Nim's Air Dried Fruit Crisps 20g
Crunchy Chocolate Ballers Doisy & Dam 75g
Almond Biscotti Biscuit Rhythm 108 135g
Double Chocolate Mallow&Marsh Marshmallows 100g
Chocolate Caramel Cups Deliciously Ella 36g
Ethical EarlGrey Tea Bags NEMI
Vegan Chocolate Coconut Bites Ape 26g
Handmade Strawberry&Champagne Truffles Skelligs 150g
Mixed Chocolate Buttons GNAW 150g
Hazelnut Chocolate Buttercups LoveRaw
Organic Raspberry Crush Luscombe 27cl
Lindor Milk Truffles Lindt 200g
170g Almond Nutritious Butter Nutural World
60% Dark Chocolate Figs Forest Feast 140g
Dark Chocolate Popcorn Bites Joe&Seph's 63g
Presented in a Large White Round Basket

What makes a Birthday Gift stand out to you? It might be the colourful design, the contents or simply the price. Although to make a choice between countless options is another issue. While there’s a wide variety of Birthday Gift Baskets found online, many if not most are stereotyped towards a certain age or gender. Maybe your 40 year old brother’s favourite colour is purple? Perhaps your Mum’s favourite thing to read is Top Gear? You can send these Birthday Gifts for any age group, for every type of person, with a wonderful absence of the Birthday industry’s profiling. Most of all, they can be for whoever and whatever you need them to be.

The population of the UK was in dire need of Good Birthday Gifts, they needed innovative solutions. Our mission was to create Birthday Gifts for friends and family alike. How could we most intelligently capture your thoughtfulness? More so, how could we help you send a product that conveys the Birthday message you want?  Whether that’s in a fun, interesting, thoughtful or happy way. To stand out in the huge gift industry, we had to do it better than far longer established companies. But through imagination and creative design of a small diverse range of Birthday Gifts, its been accomplished

By identifying the most important features in a Birthday Gift, it made it easier to achieve a collection of unique Birthday Gifts. For instance everyone enjoys looking at something bright and cheerful, so our colour scheme varies between distinctive red, purple and green tones to vivid yellow and blue shades. The gifts purpose plays a vital role, because who wants to send a Birthday Gift the person receiving will make no use of? By introducing key products that are tailored by you, it evokes an emotion and mood within the gift in question. Lastly as quality will always be a determining factor, It must have high quality contents to match its stunning presentation. Most importantly it needs to be beautiful enough they may even be reluctant to open, if only to spoil its visual aesthetic.

Cuddly toys provide a feeling of warmth and protection along with improving mental health. So our thought process was to include a handmade soft plush toy within each of the Birthday Gifts. It brings an element of fun and charm along with being absolutely adorable. They arrive with a Birthday of their own stitched onto the back. Who knows, it might even match their birth-date? The most original aspect of this gift is the ability for you to customise it to one of several animals like a puppy, cat or koala among many more. You might be thinking, how could this be sent for any age or gender? The truth is nearly everyone has had or still owns one. Above all, they bring smiles to everybody in addition to acting as a small, quiet companion in your absence. Receiving one of these Birthday Gifts has immense sentimental value and will most definitely last a lifetime.

People love Birthdays, and we love Birthdays too. We pull out all the stops to make the act of choosing and purchasing a gift as special as possible for you as well as the person receiving. Our customer service team are only a phone call or live chat away to help you with any special requests or changes that may crop up. We have an oversight into all aspects of the company with an on-site warehouse and customer service office in one place. It’s easy for us to prepare and dispatch your gifts the very same day for delivery anywhere in the UK and throughout Europe. And the reason for this is that we are a real tangible presence that will make your order and assist you until its delivered.

We give gifts on Birthdays because it’s a long-standing tradition. More importantly it’s to show the person that we care about how much we appreciate and value them. On receipt of a Birthday Gift we feel euphoric feelings of joy and delight. Although we don’t just stop at Birthdays, We’re the UK and Europe’s best Gift Basket company So if you’re looking for something more traditional or more content special, all our Gift Baskets and hampers can be customised to the Birthday you have in mind.

A Fun Birthday gift is never easy to find, but our birthday gifts have been designed to make it easy from choosing, ordering to receiving the gift! Find out how easy it is by reading my blog 'Finding a suitable Birthday Gift in the UK can be time consuming'. 

Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. So we thought it would be a nice idea to include a token of this love inside each Birthday gift made. Take your pick from Arlo the Tiger, Roary the Lion or Sammy the Siamese Cat from the drop down box above.

Presented in a high quality, reusable shopper basket with handles. Its made of natural wicker and lined with calico cream linen fabric. Measuring approximately 41 x 35 x 18cm. Professionally gift wrapped with cellophone and elegantly decorated with bright satin ribbon. Accompanying the gift will be a Happy Birthday gift card for your recipient - you will be prompted to add a personal gift message during check out. This gift is highly visual & has high presentation suitable for delivery to both UK and Ireland. Delivered to their door in a bright and colourful Baskets Galore branded cardboard box.

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