Unique Baby and Children Gifts UK - Gift Ideas for Twins, 1st Birthday and Kids Special Occasions

We’re the expert creators of Extraordinary Gifts for Babies and Children.  So just how do we design one-of-a-kind Baby and Children’s gifts for every special event and occasion in the UK?

One of a kind Gifts for Babies and Children UK  How To Design Unique Baby and Childrens Gifts UK Best Baby and Kids Gifts Basketsgalore UK  Childrens Gifts designed by Children Basketsgalore UKHappy Kid gets Children's Gift Basket by Basketsgalore UK

Our Unique Baby and Childrens Gifts are developed thanks to a lot of brainstorming, research and creativity - which all adds up to quite a lot of effort.    

Why bother? I hear you ask.  It's not as if the market for Children's gift hampers, 1st Birthday Gifts or Twins Gifts is especially large or lucrative - is it?

Answer 1 - It’s Challenging and Fun.
We do it because we enjoy it.  We are bursting with ideas, and they need to be unleashed.  Creating fun, exciting and extraordinary Gifts for Children and Gifts for Babies is a real pleasure.  We love that we have the tools to brighten a child’s day - as evidenced by the picture of the excited little boy in the picture above trying to see what's inside the gift basket that's just arrived for him. We have tremendous fun bringing together lots of brilliant gifts and toys for kids and fashioning them together into exciting Children’s Hampers waiting to be opened to squeals of delight and joy.

The first few pictures are of me designing our massive range of Kids baskets.  All 96 of them!  I was helped by my own children - the two of them are pictured hugging Silver Tag Edward Bear by Suki Gifts  My two girls are my toy quality control testers for our Kids Hampers.  My 8 year old daughter approves all the stuffed toys and teddy bears, and my 12 year girl old tests all the craft and art sets.  I also have willing assistance from my 5 year old nephew who is very partial to jigsaws and wooden railways, and his 8 year old brother who is very serious about science kits and construction toys.   We are the only UK gift company that features GIFTS FOR CHILDREN DESIGNED BY CHILDREN

Answer 2 - Societal Contribution
We do it because it is our contribution to society.  Our Baby and Children’s Gifts UK have a global reach.  They bridge the gap between families and friends who can’t be together on special family occasions such as a Baby’s First Birthday, when new Baby Twins are born into the family, or even when you just want to let a child know that they love and miss them.  

I had a thank you call from my grandson last night. He had broken his arm quite severely in a backyard mishap. He was in hospital for 3 days and is now home. All the lollies have been devoured and he is half way through the book. His mother said he was thrilled with the contents. Many thanks for helping a Gran feel that she has done something to brighten a much missed grandson’s day.
Never has the role of our modest UK Gift Basket company been more important that during the covid pandemic of the last two years.  Family members have been forcibly kept apart and our gift delivery service has played a small part in helping them feel connected.  The knowledge that our imagination and efforts has helped to alleviate the feeling of separateness for families and especially children throughout the lockdowns  drives us forward in our quest to continue to offer the most Unique Baby and Childrens Gifts in the UK.

A great idea during the current circumstances. I was able to gift my niece a great birthday present in a safe and secure way! She loves all of the toys inside!

"Sending a loved one a gift is a nice thing to do but in 2020 we face isolation and fear among other emotions, sending a Baskets Galore gift to my loved one overseas made me feel better and when it arrived and she LOVED it. Thank you for keeping us connected."

Answer 3 - It's very rewarding. 
Our Kids Gifts are often sent to Sick Children often in hospital.  There is nothing nicer than knowing we've been able to send a gift basket that will brighten the day of a poorly child.  The following testimonial received from a grateful Auntie in Canada gives a littel insight and makes you realise that your day to day job can make a difference to children in need: "I just got message from my sister. Charlie received the basket and was so happy and excited!  All the nurses were at the door of his room taking pictures.  He just loves cuddling the teddy and hasn’t put it down. He says it’s so soft and he doesn't mind it touching his sore skin. Thank you all so much for the help given to me in choosing some of the items, and then following up on delivery, Carol."

During Christmas 2021 we were honoured to be the chosen gift partner for a large global corporation who wanted to send gifts to children and families here in the UK that were experiencing hardships as a consequence of the pandemic.  It's little glimmers in the darkness, knowing that you are making a difference to kids out there, that givea us the drive to continue on battling to suceed during the challenging trading circumstances.

At Basketsgalore we've built our 20 year success on offering a subset of Alternative Gifts that no other gifting company in the UK offers.  Gifts that sing with imagination, and buzz with excitement.  Where else are you going to find themed gift for a Dinosaur Loving 6 Year Old, a Gift for Twins filled with quality accessories that the new parents are actually going to find useful instead of just “more stuff”, or a First Birthday Gift filled with fun wooden toys that will stand the test of time and be able to be passed down to baby number two on his or her 1st birthday?

At Basketsgalore we're firm believers in the philosophy that if you're going to do something, do it properly.  Perhaps it's the way we've been raised, and because we're three siblings, this thought process projects outwardly into every aspect of our company.  Or maybe we’re just a little bit mad!  Whatever the reason,  we remain steadfast in our ambition to continue to be the most unique and extraordinary Baby and Children’s gifts company in the UK