We always strive to offer the best quality to our customers, one of the ways we do this is, with every Gift Basket or Gift Hamper bought with us, we use good quality wicker baskets or hampers. Which means not only do they look lovely for presenting our fantastic gifts but they are reusable. If you like the idea of reusing your wicker basket check out some of the best ideas around that both serve as create storage solutions around your home but also look great. Or if you are feeling extra creative you could revamp your basket, by lining it or painting it.If you have any more great ideas for uses of wicker baskets, comment below or on any of our social media sites.

(Disclaimer: Images from Pinterest and these are not in any specific order.)

1. Picnic Basket

Whether you have an opened wicker basket or a closed lid wicker hamper, both are perfect for taking on a picnic trip, either a romantic one or with the family. We do advising using a cloth cover for the opened wicker basket before you start tucking in. For an extra trick you could line the wicker basket with your favourite fabric print.


2. Toilet Roll Holder

Gone are the traditional toilet roll holder spike, and welcome a new fresh rustic way to store your loo rolls. If you do not have the time or money to redecorate your bathroom, you would be surprised the use of a simple wicker basket to hold even the most basic of items will change your whole room.

3. Toiletries Holder

Do you have too many products in your bathroom? With not even room to store them around your bath or shower? You can use our wicker basket to store these products so they are tidy but still in sight and you remember to use them all, sometimes it is easy to forget your favourite conditioner when its hiding deep in a bathroom cupboard.

4. Towel Holder

For the same reasons as for the toilet roll and toiletries, it makes your bathroom look so much neater and it transforms the look of your bathroom very quickly. Alternatively you could use this idea to store them in a guest bedroom, to save your guests asking where you keep your towels, and it means you will always have clean towels available when visitors stay.

5. Potpourri Holder

This one is not a new idea, many people have been doing this for years but sometimes you just cannot beat those classic ideas. 

6. Knitting Accessories  

Whether you are a beginner and would like somewhere to hold all your supplies a wicker basket is definitely the most attractive way to store your supplies or you could simply just the basket to store your yarns of wool.

7. Living Room Accessories 

Sick of not being able to find the remote controls, store them in a wicker basket along with any other living room essentials, like magazines, reading glasses and possibly some chocolates for those treat nights.

8. Kids Toys

If you do not want every room the house being took over with kids toys, wicker baskets are an easy and attractive way to store your children's toys. It may also mean they can help you tidy by putting their toys back in their own basket.

9. Underwear Box

If you are reluctant to give up drawer space for your underwear, why not use a wicker basket to store them and hide it under a bedside table to make your bedroom neat.

10. Shoe Storage

Do you have too many shoes cluttering your hallway? Place a wicker basket at your hall way and finally people will get the message that shoes should be stored there, you may have to put yours there first for a few days so they get the message.

11. Personal Storage

Similarly you could assign a basket to each family member and place it in the hallway, each person then stores everything they need to leave the house for school or work, for example hats, scarves library books. That should make leaving the house quicker in the morning. You could also use it to store your children's school books, so there homework is always in one place and its easier to check it for them.


12. Under bed Storage

For those things that do not need to be on show, could be stored under the bed and a wicker basket is always gonna look better than a clear plastic box.

13. Kitchen Supplies

You could store essential cooking supplies in a wicker basket on a counter with for example, cooking oils, utensils or a much used cookbook. Likewise you could use them to store items neater inside your cupboards and also make your cupboards look more attractive.


14. Fresh Linen

Whether you want to keep your linen and towel cupboard tidy by placing them in wicker baskets or you could place it in a guest bedroom, so your guests have that option especially if they are staying for a while.


15. Plants

Finally fresh or fake plants can be placed inside baskets, the plants should be potted especially if they are real, but the contrast of the green on the brown wicker will transform any living space.