It's always sad when we have to say "Goodbye" to someone and this time it was to Jonny in our IT Department. Although technically this is his second farewell, as last summer he finished his placement year with us and so received his leaving card back then. Only for him to stay on in a support capacity for another year, and so this June saw his second and final farewell. Normally anyone leaving does a quick sign off blog, but unfortunately Jonny was so busy with his "handover" that he didn't have time to write his goodbyes - aw! So I thought I could do a quick round up for him instead.Jonny has done an excellent job of sorting out all our hardware, networking & server set up during his time here, as well as helping launch our new website in 2015 and then maintaining this over his 2 years. One of my lasting memories of Jonny is when he emailed one night to say he was "locked out" and I thought he meant physically locked out of the office, but he meant locked out of the system remotely. I think I had just had Theo at the time and thought I was going to have to trek down to our offices to let him in in my PJ's!I will also miss Jonny's assistance at Christmas time as he was able to sort all the printer and courier problems that inevitably occur when you are suddenly processing thousands of orders in a 3 week period. Unfortunately I usually get lumbered with this sort of thing when he isn't about. Laura our Designer will also miss Jonny, as they worked together a lot over the past couple of years and now she is getting asked all the IT-related questions!Jonny was so good, he couldn't be replaced. That is there won't be a straight replacement for him, as unfortunately we couldn't find someone who fitted the bill. Instead we are outsourcing our web development and support for the first time since BasketsGalore began about 15 years ago & simply having someone in a supporting role instead.Jonny is moving on to an exciting new role in a company specialising in IT Infrastructure & we're a little bit jealous of the fancy new office he'll be in. Although he will now have to dress smartly and not get away with his comfy shorts! Here he is enjoying a farewell ale. We are good at providing snacks at least & we know you'll miss your birthday mince pie!We wish you every success for the future Jonny & thanks for being a part of the BasketsGalore journey.