It’s easy to discard gift packaging without thinking twice about it. But did you know that you can reuse your wicker hamper? I have came up with a list of 10 ways you can reuse your hamper around your home. Not only better for the environment, but also a cute addition to your home, making your room extra cosy.


1) Re-gift the wicker

Remember how excited you felt when you received your wicker hamper and began rummaging through all the treats inside? You can give someone else this feeling too! By creating your own gift hamper and delivering it right to their door, they will be overjoyed.



2) Log Basket Beside Your Fire

Personally I love winter, sitting tucked up on the sofa, the fire blazing, watching a movie and drinking a hot chocolate while you know it is cold and rainy outside. Your wicker hamper is a perfect addition to your fireplace, for storing logs for those cosy winter nights.


3) Pet bed

Does your fur baby need a bed upgrade? Why not line your wicker hamper with blankets to create a cosy den for your pet.

Pictures below for cuteness.



4) Storing blankets

Wicker hampers act as a great storage unit, large in size you can fold a couple of blankets inside to tidy up your living room.



5) Toy chest

It seems with every birthday and Christmas children's toys just pile higher and higher! Use your wicker hamper to store some of their toys in and clear away any clutter. For a few hours anyway…



6) In your bathroom

Wicker hampers are perfect for tidying away toiletries, toilet rolls, and cleaning products, adding a homely touch to your bathroom.



7) Picnic basket

When we get the weather, there is nothing nicer than going for a family picnic to create memories. Keep your wicker hamper for the Spring months to plan a picnic family day out.


8) Planter

Adding real vegetation such as small flowering plants or herbs to your wicker basket can be a nice addition to your garden or utility room.



9) Shoe storage


I don’t know about you, but when I get home from work I always kick my shoes off in the hallway. Placing shoes into a wicker hamper in your hallway can be a welcoming addition to your hall and also encourage your little ones to tidy up!


P.s. my hall doesn’t look like this!



10) End of the bed trunk


We all have bits and bobs lying about our bedroom with no real home. What about storing all those bits and bobs in your wicker hamper at the end of your bed? Cute and trendy!



We would like to see how you have reused your wicker hamper, if you used one of our ideas or have one of your own, please share!


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