Surely it's easier to shop online than try and find healthy gift baskets local to you?

Some of us who have dietary intolerances or prefer a healthier diet can struggle to find enjoyable food, that tastes as good as other alternatives. In your local town this can be tricky to source, and travelling to bigger towns with huge supermarkets, or shopping online are the only options. However, the question arises; what do we gift these people when gifts filled with chocolates and sugary foods are not an option? Simply Delightful Gift Baskets are a healthy alternative. It's all part of our Simply Done philosophy with Gift Baskets being the perfect solution for so many gift occasions for so many diverse preferences including that of good health.

Diets can be influenced by an array of reasons. Our faith, intolerances, or personal preferences and beliefs. This should not affect the choices of food and cuisine we have. In the rural areas of the United Kingdom, there can be some distance before you reach a large supermarket or a store that stocks food alternatives such as gluten-free, vegan, or lactose-free. As life becomes busier, we do not have time to travel for these items. Additionally, these alternatives can also be very confusing for someone who is purchasing them for someone else with food intolerances. This is not just dietary intolerances; also our individual choices such as becoming a vegan, eating seasonally, or ethical sourcing can be difficult to find within your own community.

Gifting should not be this much hassle. 

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Simply Delightful Gift Baskets conquers this issue surrounding gifting food baskets that have healthier produce. Yet, are as equally enjoyable. Delightful is defined as “highly pleasing” and this sums up our intentions perfectly. We could have created good health gift baskets that contained the healthiest items on the planet, however, if they were joyless then no one would send them as gifts to their friends and family. Ours contain these healthier options, but they are still the foods we all know and love. These changes can be simple, just as chocolate that is dark, with higher percentages of cacao beans, or chocolate drizzled fruit instead of an entire chocolate box.

For those of us who do live in rural areas with limited access to nutritious tasty food as a gifting option, we have created a solution online. Baskets Galore’s Simply Delightful Gift Baskets.

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There are vast amounts of ‘healthy’ gift baskets out there on the web. Fruit ones, vitamin-filled ones, or you could choose a non-food gift basket. We used to offer gift baskets containing only fruit, but we realised these were problematic; if sent to an individual, how do you consume all this fruit before it goes out of date. Also, fruit is high in sugar. We have a new range which is suitable to be sent anywhere across the UK to those who do not have the option within their local communities.

Simply Delightful Gift Baskets contain a variety of products, and some even contain a few items of fruit. They are then immaculately presented in the finest wicker which is hand-woven just for us at Baskets Galore. We shrink-wrap them to ensure that the items stay in place and the presentation is still perfect for the recipient. We finish off the look with an outer carton and gift card including your message. Our simply delightful gifts contain all our popular products which are brought in for their premium quality and taste. The products used are ones which we have used in other baskets, meaning they are suitable to be enjoyed by everyone.

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Is it easier to shop online than try and find healthy gift baskets locally to you?

Healthy food is labeled as expensive, but we have ensured that the Simply Delightful range still hits every price point for customers with every budget. Healthy food does not have to be expensive, it does not have to be boring, and it does not have to taste healthy; it can taste just as good as the other alternatives.
As more people become aware of what we put into our bodies, healthy food gifting options will have a greater need within our society. We are actively keeping up with the needs of our customers. We have noticed an increasing number of healthy food baskets being purchased, which is why we have released the new Simply Delightful Gift Baskets.

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