Once again it's almost the end of the month which means I'm finishing up the last few July blog stories. We try to keep you updated on what is going on in the company and about major gift giving occasions by writing about ourselves, our industry, our suppliers and our customers. My colleagues have all been so busy this month, or away on holiday, so unfortunately you've had to listen to me rabbiting on for the majority of these stories. My guest bloggers have been otherwise engaged, building new websites, designing and launching fantastic new gift basket ranges, but from next month they'll be bringing you more of the latest news as I will be on maternity leave. Yes can you believe it's just over 2 week to my due date? Everyone keeps asking me when I'll be finishing up, so they must be keen to get rid of me. They assure me it's not that and they just think I should be putting my feet up soon. Of course once I'm off I'll just be running around after my 2.5 year old son instead!I previously mentioned that the lovely Laura, in our Design Department, will be taking over my Monday Daily Dispatch Blogs so that's one task off my list. As well at this Laura has been busy designing new images for our next website launch, designing new packaging for our bakery range, updating the marketing leaflet that goes with each gift basket and placing a seal on each new product before it launches. In the midst of all this she had an exciting delivery of her own, a brand new Mac PC. She definitely deserves this after working off her trusty old laptop for TOO long now.Lauras New MacJonny in our IT Department has also been busy building a new website and maintaining servers as well as wrestling broken printers & courier software. He is also heading back to University for his final year in September so has been helping find his replacement as well as documenting everything he does for our new recruit.Kate is forever surrounded by spreadsheets & figures, and Roma & Victoria in the Admin Team will be doing their "Week In The Life Of" blog shortly so I'll not spoil what they've been up to. Let's just say they've been busy little bees.Sylwia has been photographing lots of lovely new gift baskets over the past few weeks (including Christmas hampers, eek!), while Pawel & Kasia continue to manage the warehouse deliveries and gift basket assembly.Selina has been having some time off after a recent operation, but should be back to full health soon. She is my right hand woman for keeping up with all the BG news, so I'm sure she'll continue to do a great job when I'm away.