The last few months have whizzed by so quickly that I actually had to stop and think how many of our Competition winners we still have to congratulate.Every month we have 2 x 'Daily Dispatch' Winners and then in the lead up to special occasions we also run extra Competitions, such as at Christmas Time & Mother's Day. So by my calculations that means we have 2 x Christmas Winners, 2 x January Daily Dispatch Winners & 1 x Valentine's Day Winner still to give a shout out too. February is also about to end and so we'll soon be announcing another couple of winners, it really is all go! Here is a quick round up of the winner announcements and the thank you photo's they sent us in upon receiving their prizes.

Valentine's Day 2017 Competition Winner

Our Valentine's Day Competition was the same competition run across multiple sites this time, rather than a separate competition for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. So this meant we just had 1 winner, but of an extra special gift basket. Ana asked us to send it to her boyfriend Caine, and sent us these lovely pictures of them enjoying it together. Thanks Ana & Caine, we hope it made your day that little bit more special.

January 2017 Daily Dispatch Winners

As always we selected 2 dates at random in January and everyone who liked, commented, shared, retweeted etc the images on these dates were entered into the draw. We have a Facebook date & a Twitter date, which means we had 2 winners, Wendy & Clare. Wendy sent us a lovely "thank you" message and we're still actually awaiting word from Clare about her win, so if you are reading this Clare please get in touch.

Christmas 2016 Competition Winners

Back in December we also had 2 Winners in our Christmas Competition, Elizabeth & David, who completed our quick entry form and were selected from thousands of entries. Elizabeth sent us a picture of her dogs checking out the contents of her hamper, but we haven't heard how David got on with his just yet.As you can see, we have lots of lovely winners for our BasketsGalore competitions so please do join in the fun and you never know, I could be writing about you next month!