It's happening... finally girls all over the UK, Ireland and parts of the EU can enjoy the wonders of building bricks made especially for us girlies! We are very happy to introduce this product to our Create Your Own site, where you can create an amazing Gift Basket that any little girl will have the joy of receiving. We have teamed up with suppliers, Sluban who make great building bricks with various themes, all compatible with Lego!I will start by showing you all my favourite, the Sluban Dream Palace Construction Set: Let your little girl bring her dreams to life with this pink dream castle. Including a princess, prince, horse, maid and evil queen along with props. dream-palace-girl-s-dream-m38-b0153--7323-p Wishing I was 6 again...Now not ALL girls are into princesses and fairy tales, so how about an awesome Ice Cream Shop to build? The Ice cream shop is well-known for its delicious menu and ice creams, get on your skateboard and order an ice cream and cool off on the terrace M38-B0525_7We had a light bulb idea here at BG Headquarters, so we ordered two adorable sets: The Pet Salon & Dog House Set, combining these two sets means you have everything you need to pamper and freshen your pet, cat or dog! SetOf course we couldn't forget about you boys! So we have three fantastic Themed Sets including:The Aviation Construction SetIncluding a great looking transport air plane that's fun to fly! Use your imagination and it can take you anywhere. And remember to use the vehicle to move your cargo around. Sluban Lego SetsMaking it hard for you to decide a favourite, we then have the Formula 1 "Blue Lightning" Racing Car SetThis F1 Racing Car measures 17.5 cm and comes with 2 support crew members and a driver. Plus equipment to keep the F1 car racing away! racing_car_32_blue_boxLast but certainly not least is the immense FIRE Construction SetThe Emergency Dispatch team are ready and waiting to rescue people in danger. Where will they be needed today? Sluban-Emergency-Dispatch-M38-B0225-great-value-371pcsd-_57