Its Really hard to find a Great Birthday Gift

With as few as three questions, four ideal Birthday Gift options can be provided. Which makes choosing a Birthday Gift a simple and stress free process anywhere in the UK.

It isn’t smooth sailing for every customer that comes through to chat with us. May it be technical issues, a complaint or just an awkward query. Customer service is unpredictable which means I need to adapt to every situation that comes my way.

This lady came through on our chat service, she was called Rosie. Her first message was “Do you do any nice Birthday Gifts?”. I confirmed that we do and asked what her relationship was to the recipient. There was no reply but I could see she was trying to type.


Live Chat to Phone Call

Unfortunately her internet connection was spotty which meant it was much easier for me to give her a call instead. Once on the phone call Rosie moved onto say she is trying to find a Birthday Gift for her granddaughter’s 21st Birthday. She disclosed that she hasn’t been in close contact with her since she was 12. Customer service gives you an insight into peoples life's and relationships, some more fortunate than others.


Q. My first question was “What message would you like your granddaughter to receive when opening the gift?”

A. Rosie explained that as long as it makes her smile or laugh.


Q. Following this I asked “Do you know if she’s an animal lover?”.

A. Rosie revealed that her granddaughter loved dogs, she used to have a dog encyclopaedia and would dream of all the animals she would own when she grew up. This really pulled on my heart strings as I had a book just like this when I was younger.




I already had a good selection of options to provide even at this early stage. For good measure I asked one final question.


Q. “Is there any other details which may be relevant when choosing a gift?”.

A. She said that her granddaughter loved chocolate and asked if some would be included.


I explained to Rosie that each of the Birthday gifts have plenty of chocolate inside. They even have a freshly baked chocolate cake! I took a few moments from the call to put together some Gift hamper and Gift basket options from our Fun Birthday Range.

When I returned I provided them to Rosie, which were as follows.. ‘The Puppy Love Birthday Hamper Gift’, ‘The Birthday Buddies Hamper’, ‘The Best Friend Birthday Gift Basket’ and  ‘The Friends4Life Birthday Gift’.


Four Birthday Gift Options


Inside each of the gifts above there is a little cuddly toy. They’ve been incorporated into the Fun Birthday Range as we know animals have come to be a huge chunk of our lives. Including a small token of this within the gift can make someone's Birthday a day to remember.

The first blog I wrote called Good Fun Birthday Gifts actually reveals why cuddly toys are a great Birthday Gift. They provide a feeling a warmth, protection and companionship amongst other things!

On each of the Fun Birthday Gifts we’ve also added the option to allow the choice of what cuddly toy comes inside. From a French Bulldog to a Koala bear, there is a perfect fit for everyone.


Fun Birthday Gifts


After some thought, she picked  ‘The Birthday Buddies Hamper. Rosie explained that she chose this one as the contents arrive packaged inside a re-usable case and clarified she loves multi-purpose products.

Birthday Gift Chosen


We’re currently offering daily dispatches so I arranged for it to be delivered in time for her granddaughter’s special day. Rosie has already submitted a grateful testimonial on our page.




Summary: Hard to find a Great Birthday Gift

Our goal is to make browsing and selecting a Great Birthday Gift an enjoyable experience. We are always overcome with choices when looking for Birthday Gifts in particular as there are so many options out there. With as few as three questions, four ideal Birthday gift options can be provided making it a simple and stress free process.

Stick around for many more customer experiences that I’d like to share with you all..