In Southern America, there is a tradition that has been passed down through the generations, of giving a “Surcee” to someone you care about. A Surcee is a small unexpected and often inexpensive gift, but one that has a lot of thought behind it. Over here, we tend to refer to these gifts as “Just Because Gifts.” The idea behind a “Just Because Gift” is that you don’t really need a specific occasion to send it. It’s just simply to treat those that you love. It’s certainly an Idea that we at Baskets Galore can get behind! For this reason, we have created a range of Best Wishes Baskets that you can send, just because. Whether it be a way of keeping connected to those further away, or giving someone close a much needed pick me up, our new Best Wishes range can help you send the message that you so desire. Here is a quick run down of our Best Wishes Range, and some reasons you may choose to send them:


To Reconnect

We’ve spent a lot of time apart from those we love during the last year or so, and while we look to be on the return to normal life *crosses fingers and toes* it’s important that we remember to check in with those we love. Sending a surprise gift is a great way of keeping connected to those that might live a bit further away, or even those close to us who we haven’t been able to see. Either way, the Wishes From Afar Gift is designed to help bridge the gap.


To Encourage Someone

Perhaps you know someone who has a big week coming up, whether it be an important event, a scary job interview, or just a busy couple of days,The Wishful Thoughts Gift Basket is a great way to encourage someone along the way. It includes a double helping of tea, and coffee for those early mornings, as well as a ‘Beautiful Thoughts’ notebook- perfect for jotting down ideas, drawing silly pictures, or making to do lists.

To Comfort Someone

Maybe someone you know has had a particularly hard time of it recently, or maybe they’re just having a down day. Sometimes it’s hard to know what the right thing to say or do is, but a surprise gift is the perfect way to let them know you’re thinking about them. The Hugs, Kisses and Best Wishes basket is full of tea, coffee and chocolatey treats- the perfect ingredients to turn a bad day in to a great one. Not to mention, it has a chocolate cake.


Do we really need a reason? We explored the new era of gift giving already - check other blog- and found that we no longer need an excuse to treat those that we love or care about. Maybe you want to send a surprise gift to someone for simply surviving this year, or just because you appreciate them. The Just Because Gift was created for exactly this reason. It’s designed to suit any occasion, all tastes and all kinds of sentiments ( and it looks nice too!)


To make ourselves feel good


This might sound like a bit of a rogue one, but believe it or not giving a gift causes the pleasure and reward centres in our brain to light up as if we were the ones receiving a gift. On top of this, sending a gift to someone may encourage them to send a gift to someone else, meaning you, unintentionally, have started a movement- thus making the world a better place! Sending this Best Wishes Gifts Galore Gift would be a great place to start.

Although a Surcee is described as a “small, inexpensive gift”, at Baskets Galore we have chosen to skip over the “small” part. They say “It’s the thought that counts” but these gifts are so much more than that.


However, If you do want to keep it small-ish, we also have 4 Best Wishes Gift Boxes which you can view here