Is It Possible To Support Local Producers When Shopping Online For Gift Baskets In The UK?

When shopping locally for a gift, you are always restricted by what is available within your own town. If you live in a small rural area. Your town could be centered around one main street containing butchers, greengrocers, and maybe some sort of small convenience shop. This clearly is an issue when shopping for presents. Simply Tasteful Gift Baskets is our new range of tea and biscuit gift baskets. We have taken a step back from individual products and viewing our gift baskets as a whole. In this sense, taste refers to the overall balance of our gift baskets and how the end product affects the receiver once they have it in their own home.

Simply Tasteful Gift Basket

When shopping online for our Simply Tasteful Gift Baskets, you may ask yourself why should you trust online gift basket companies when you can buy products from your own local shop. Often in small communities, the shopkeepers and locals are your friends or even relatives. Shopping local, especially in relation to food, has many benefits. You are able to ensure that you economically stimulate the area in which you live. You can also be sure that the products meet national standards. Products will also be fresher, having less transportation time, and therefore, having a longer shelf life. Additionally, when purchasing from outside your local community, it can be difficult to understand the manufacturing process and which harmful chemicals are involved.

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Supporting local has been an increasingly pushed motive for shoppers. Reducing gas emissions and CO2 is an important factor in protecting our planet; when we purchase online, we can be unsure of how many times an item has been put in a container and shipped across the sea.
Gift Basket companies can also support local, helping small producers significantly expand their market and grow their business. Online shopping can still have the security of local shopping but facilitate wider needs.
At Baskets Galore we love to support small local businesses because that is exactly what we started as, a small family business. We love choosing small local producers; they always take the most pride and care with their work as it is their livelihood but more importantly their passion.

LoveRaw Family Run Business

One of our producers, LoveRaw is a small family run company -

Baskets Galore’s Simply Tasteful Gift Baskets have a primal focus on the tea and coffee area of the business, a popular strand of Gift Basketing. Our philosophy entails looking beyond products, which are defined by their own producers, and creating our product, which is a gift that has a powerful impact upon opening. The products selected are of the highest quality within our warehouse, but what is extra important, is that they are suitable for so many occasions, and the versatility is outstanding.

We believe in offering our customers good value; that is why there are no hidden costs. A question we often get asked is why we have a shipping cost; we offer the same shipping rates to our customers as we receive, and we do not include the shipping cost within the price of the goods, as this alters the view of value for money.

Simply Tasteful is one of our most popular ranges, due to the core being made of tea, coffee, and biscuits. It has been updated for 2022 to be in line with our new Simply Done philosophy. If supporting local, but still being able to send your family gifts across the world is an issue you have, you can check out our products with the links below.

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