Another busy week at BasketsGalore with a wide range of occasions being catered for. As always we try to take a photo a day of our favourite Gift Baskets and Hampers and bring them all together in a weekly round up, and this week predominantly features Gift Baskets For Birthdays.Gift Baskets For Birthdays can be a wide and varied selection, as although we have a range of specific Birthday Gift Hampers some customers prefer to select a Birthday Gift from another range of Gift Baskets. For example, someone may wish to send a general Food Hamper for a Birthday, or someone may wish to send a Pamper Hamper. The Admin Team read each gift card message that is included with an order and select an appropriate gift card to accompany it. So even if you order a gift hamper that isn't specifically themed for a Birthday, we will still know to include a Birthday gift card.Monday saw the colourful Positive Vibes Gift Basket, complete with pretty flowering plant and inspirational message mug & spoon, being sent to the best "big sister in the world." The mug by East of India features the slogan "Into Each Day Put One Teaspoon of Good Spirits, Dash Of Fun, Pinch of Folly, Heap Full of Laughter" and the Silver Plated Vintage Tea Spoon by La De Da Living is hand stamped with "Believe In Your #SELFIE" message. There are also lots of other lovely goodies inside including baked goods, tea and chocolates to make it into one of our most stunning Gift Baskets For Birthdays.Our Tuesday our daily dispatches weren't caught on camera this week unfortunately so instead we thought you might like to see our 3 Gift Basket Prizes instead. These were Confection Perfection, Ancient York and Spring Time For Her Gift Baskets. There were all selected as being appropriate for each lucky winner, as some of them had younger children and some older children and we wanted to include a little something for everybody. We had a winner from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so remember to follow us if you'd like to take part and be in with a chance of winning.Gift Baskets For Birthdays - Positive VibesGift Baskets Prize WinnersGift Baskets For Birthdays - Build & Play Gift Baskets For Birthdays - Customer Creation Gift Baskets To PamperOn Wednesday I couldn't resist photographing this cheeky little meerkat and along with some children's books, a Brio construction set, milk chocolate buttons and a cute footballer money box tin this was the perfect gift basket (Build & Play) for the Birthday Boy in Surrey from his relatives in Canada.On Thursday we'd been helping a lovely lady in Florida trying to order online for her mum. She'd been having some difficulties with the address verification so I helped by placing the address in her address book so as she could simply log in to order. She was creating her own hamper for her Mum's Birthday & so I said we'd get a picture of it for her. She also sent through a really lovely review, which we absolutely love.
Dear Emily and Chloe, (and rest of Gift Baskets Team)Congratulations, and thank you, Mum was thrilled to bits with her basket. I am so very happy that we were able to place this order and get it delivered on time. She emailed and said:"Mid morning (today) an enormous lovely box was delivered to me. The box itself is a work of art. Inside was one lovely surprise after another. The whole thing was exquisite - not least was the lovely storage basket with one tempting packet or box after another arranged in it. ... The basket is sturdy, rectangular, and lined with a woven, unbleached cotton and is a useful size - about the size of 2 foolscap pages side by side. It has a slightly romantically rustic feel to it. I shall treasure it both for itself and the very kind thought behind it."Thanks again for your help getting the address sorted, the ordering glitch fixed, and 'making it happen'. The whole family is happy because you cared :-)I wish you guys the very best of luck with your business, you really deserve major success because you are responsive and have a top-quality product AND have fabulous customer service. I'll be back for Mum's Christmas parcel. Hugs and high fives to everyone. Best wishes, Rebecca.
Friday was busier than usual (it always happen when someone in the Admin or Packaging Team is having a well deserved day off!) and I choose this Pamper Gift Basket to feature as I'd spoken to our Customer on the phone about it. I had wanted to advise her that delivering to a Hospital address on a Saturday isn't always successful due to the Post Room being closed. She went with delivery on Monday instead, as it was a non-perishable gift, and got a little bit teary on the phone when reading out the gift card message. I managed not to cry myself (just about) and channelled my thoughts into getting a lovely picture for her instead. We hope her friend enjoyed receiving the gift and it helps to make her feel a little bit brighter.To round the week up, Gift Baskets For Birthdays were a major feature this week but intermingled with lots of other wonderful reasons and occasions for sending a gift basket. As always if you can't see the perfect one for you please just get in touch and we're happy to help. Gift Baskets For Birthdays are one of our specialities and it's easy to see why, with themed Birthday Gift Cards, Birthday Cake, Birthday Balloons and more.