So today is the final day of March, I can't quite believe that tomorrow is April! That reminds me, it will be the 1st April, April Fools Day and so I better be on high alert for potential pranks.I was continuing in my role as chief order processor today, but managed to snap a couple of cute & cuddly creations to showcase on the Daily Dispatch Blog.We had The Chill Out Basket featuring the huggable Hoagie on it's way to a lucky lady as an Easter Gift from her Dad. Although this basket isn't an Easter themed basket when we noticed the gift card message we put a couple of small chocolate eggs in to theme it and added a little chick for decoration.Next up was our Mummy, Daddy & Me Baby Boy basket for a new arrival in Co. Kildare. The sender didn't want to leave his big sister out however & so got in touch with us to ask about adding a teddy for her. She selected Suki's Dreamy Eyes Chick and also asked if there was a way to label the teddy for his sister. Kate & Selina love a good artsy project and they came up with this lovely "Big Sister" gift tag between them. They don't call her Krafty for nothing you know.We hope these gifts bring a smile to everyone's faces when they arrive with them on Monday.