The transportation of anything across an entire continent is never going to be a straight forward process but after being in the gift basket business for the past 16 years we have got it down to a fine art! We go the extra mile to ensure that when your gift basket arrives it does so in one perfect piece. Below you can find some questions asked by customers when placing an order… The gift basket I am looking to send is made of bamboo and I am worried that it may break when it’s being delivered. Do you have anything that could possibly protect the basket for me?’ Our gift baskets do not get sent out bare, there are multiple layers to them in order to ensure the basket is in perfect condition upon arrival. Firstly, all items within the baskets are placed on a bed of coloured straw to protect the basket and its contents.Once the gift basket is assembled it is then shrink wrapped to keep the contents fresh and in perfect condition. The gift baskets are then hand wrapped in cellophane and ribbons placed on top. You may think that the cellophane is there for strictly presentational purposes but they also have a practical purpose an additional layer keeps the basket lovely and clean and gives an extra layer of protection! Finally the baskets are placed in a secure branded box to minimise disruption during transport.How to you incorporate the Salmon in the Hamper? Is it packaged in with everything else?’All of our perishable items (not including fruit) are placed in an insulated envelope within the branded box that will keep the contents chilled for the duration of the delivery process . The items are vaccum packed and sealed safely. We do not pack salmon or ham in with the other contents of the basket due to the perishable nature of the items. In the event the basket can not be delivered next day (for reasons such as the recipient is not home or a delivery error has occurred) there is a likelihood these items could spoil. Our specially designed insulated envelopes have been engineered to keep perishable items fresh.I am looking for a basket that contains wine, how do you ensure the bottle does not smash during transportation?’The transportation of wine can be difficult, that is why we use packaging specifically designed for the safe transit of glass bottles. Like the perishable goods, wine is not wrapped in the gift basket alongside the other items it is put in a specific aerated pack inside the branded box. The aerated wrap acts as a cushion and protects the wine from any bumps along the way when delivering the gift baskets.When transporting goods across Europe you must take every possible scenario into consideration, which is something we have been taught over the years… you must always think ahead! We are constantly looking for new an innovative ways in which our packaging can ensure our gift baskets arrive in the perfect condition they left our warehouse in. This is just a very small selection of some of the questions we often get asked when placing an order. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via live chat on our website where one of our customer service advisers will be there to lend you a hand.