Find the Perfect New Baby Gift: Tips from the UK's Top Gift Basket Experts

Why a New Baby Gift Basket is the best type of gift you can send.

When it comes to New Baby Gifts, there are so many choices available here in the UK.  How do you choose which one to send? 

When it comes to sending New Baby Gifts throughout the UK and Europe, we've got you covered.  A quick online search will unveil a multitude of different types of Newborn Baby Gifts; from the tried-and-tested traditional bouquet of flowers, to the more modern option of personalised nappy cakes, clothing or teddy bears.  At Basketsgalore we believe the most special type of newborn gift is, of course, a hand-wrapped luxury wicker gift basket filled to the brim with a collection of cute, practical and indulgent baby gifts.  Our family run gift company is in actual fact the UK's original e-commerce Gift Basket website, and we're about to celebrate our 22nd birthday!  

We offer the BIGGEST range, the BEST choice and BEST QUALITY Newborn Baby Gifts Baskets in the UK.    Our perfectly packaged Baby Gifts are hand-made and hand-wrapped by us in our UK based gift basket warehouse. They can be shipped direct to the gift receiver via express overnight delivery service throughout the UK and Europe. When it comes to creating the best baby gifts you can rest assured that our obsessiveness on quality, and fixation on presentation, is what makes our baby gifts stand out from the crowd.

Very few gifts are as much fun to create as Baby Gift Baskets. We love what we do, which is why our mission is such an easy one to fulfill.  If you're searching for an unlimited choice of exciting and personalised new baby gifts, that can be tailored to exactly suit the needs, likes and preferences of the end gift receiver - you've hit the jackpot.

Discover some of the top reasons why no other gift choice comes close to a New Baby Gift Basket designed-for-you by Basketsgalore UK.

Top Quality New Baby Gifts Baskets: Why You Can Trust Us To Send The Perfect Gift On Your Behalf

As parents ourselves we understand that when it comes to anything to do with precious newborns gifts, there are a number of key factors which we each consider. And we've incorporated all of these into our new baby gifts.  It's not just about what's cute or trendy; there are a bunch of crucial factors at play. We've been through the process ourselves, weighing up what's actually useful, what's safe, what's going to last, and, let's be honest, what's going to make life a bit easier for the new parents.  That firsthand experience is baked into every choice we make for our new baby gifts. Every item we include is something we've considered carefully, making sure it ticks all the right boxes for practicality, safety, and longevity. In short, we've done the homework so you don't have to worry.  

Key factors we've considered include the following;

Safety: This is the key consideration and top of the list for a reason. A newborn's safety is of paramount importance, and when one is sending a new baby gift we fully appreciate that your trust in us to deliver a gift that is safe is an integralpart of the contract. Please rest assured that as parents ourselves, we fully understand your concerns which is why we take this incredibly seriously. At Basketgalore we are very careful to ONLY include items made by world renowned and accredited baby clothing, toy and gift manufacturers that we are happy to use on or give to our own babies, children and grandchildren. Each gift we include fully meets all EU and British quality and safety standards.

Durability: The baby gifts we use are well-made and built to last. The companies we source from use high-quality materials and construction that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Our baby gifts are designed to endure. They're crafted from materials that can take a bit of rough and tumble, made by companies that know the importance of something that lasts. These aren't gifts that'll give up at the first sign of a challenge; they're built with the understanding that they need to stand up to the rigours of daily use, from the accidental spills to the endless rounds of washing. We choose our products with durability in mind, ensuring they can be relied upon day in, day out.

Functionality: We prioritise gifts that serve a practical purpose and can be genuinely useful for the baby and parents. Items that make parenting tasks easier or provide convenience, practical clothing, or useful accessories.  For us, it's all about gifts that actually do something worthwhile. We're talking about items that make the day-to-day life of parenting a bit easier. We don't believe in including pretty but pointless items; we're selecting things that parents and babies will genuinely use and appreciate. Practicality is key here – if it makes the parenting journey smoother, it's on our list.

Longevity: We love using gifts that can grow with the baby or have long-term value. We select gifts that can be used beyond the newborn stage or have multiple purposes, allowing baby to continue enjoying them as they grow.  As parents ourselves we're very big fans of gifts that aren't just a one-hit wonder. We look for things that'll stick around, items that have got the legs to last beyond those initial newborn weeks. Whether it's a toy that adapts as baby grows, or a piece of kit that has more than one use, we're all about choosing gifts with a longer shelf life.  It's not just about the here and now; it's about picking out things that'll continue to be part of the baby's life as they move from being a tiny tot to a curious crawler and beyond. If a gift can evolve with baby, then it's exactly the sort of thing we want to give.

Reputation and Brand:  We place a massive emphasis on the quality and provenance of the baby gift items we include in our Gift Baskets choosing to include recognisable brands that new parents will be familar with. Brands are brands for a reason, their products are popular, and their reputation for quality proceeds them.  There's a solid reason we opt for brands that are household names, ones that new parents will instantly recognise. These brands have built a reputation on reliability and quality, which is why their products fly off the shelves. It's not just about the logo; it's about what that logo represents - a track record of satisfied customers and products that deliver on their promises. We believe in the value of these brands because they've proven themselves time and again to be the best choice for parents and their little ones.  Our organic baby clothing  is sourced from sustainable, niche, high quality, brands such as Frugi Organics, Toby Tiger, Aden and Anais, and Kite Clothing.  Our baby toys are made by the worlds most famous manufacturers such as Tomy Worldwide, Steiff Europe, Lamaze USA and Gund USA, Our baby gifts, and bath and body care collections are hand chosen from ethical designers and producers. 

Timeless Design: We are incredibly biased towards gifts that won't quickly go out of style, as we know only too well how classic and versatile items can be used for subsequent children, or passed down to other family members.  We've got a bit of a soft spot for gifts that aren't going to look dated any time soon. Classic designs, the sort that don't scream a particular year or passing fad, are right up our alley. We're all about choosing items that can stand the test of time, not just in durability, but in style as well. It's about picking out something that can be handed down to the next child, or even the next generation, without looking like it's come out of a time capsule. In our book, versatility and a timeless look are non-negotiables, because we understand the value of an item that can be loved and used for years, not just for the moment.

Sustainability:  The clothing we use is made by manufacturers that choose organic materials and eco-conscious manufacturing processes. We made this choice as it aligns with our focus on quality, and as parents ourselves raising the next generation we wanted to do our part in respecting the environment, our baby's well-being and their future planet.  We've gone out of our way to select manufacturers that are big on organic materials and kinder manufacturing processes.  This wasn't a decision we made on a whim; it's deeply rooted in our commitment to quality and our role as parents. It's crucial that everyone does their bit for the planet, making sure we're not just looking after our little ones now, but also considering the state of the world we'll leave behind for them. It's about making responsible choices that respect the environment, ensuring our kids and their future is looked after.

New Baby Gift Baskets are so much better than Flowers: Here's Why.

There are so many reasons why it's much better to gift a new Baby Gift Basket instead of sending New Baby Flowers.  Here are just a few:

GIft Baskets Are More Personal: They're handpicked to convey love, care, and thoughtfulness.  Choosing to send a new baby gift basket shows a deeper level of thought and consideration for the needs and preferences of the new family, and what they may need and enjoy.  It demonstrates an understanding of what might be helpful and enjoyable for them during this new chapter in their lives, and shows that you, the giver, has put time into thinking about their lifestyle, their personal tastes, and the little comforts that can make a big difference during the transition into parenthood.  Opting to send the fail-safe floral bouquet option can be seen to lack imagination and thought.

GIft Baskets Are More Inclusive: Baby gift baskets are designed with imagination and creativity, and combine lots of exciting and thoughtful items that can cater to both the new baby and the new parents. This inclusivity ensures that every member of the family is acknowledged on this very special occasion, making them an excellent gift choice for mummy, daddy and the new baby.  A bunch of flowers on the other hand will most likely only be appreciated by the new mother.

Gift Baskets Last Much Longer:
Unlike flowers and bouquets that wilt and fade within days, baby gift baskets contain items that last for months or even years, providing a lasting reminder of the thoughtfulness of the gift.   From high-quality baby clothes to durable toys and books that can be passed down as keepsakes, these baskets serve as ongoing reminders of the love and thought put into their selection, long outliving the fleeting beauty of flowers.

Gift Baskets Are Much More Practical:
Beyond their beauty, baby gift baskets offer tangible benefits to new parents. They can include essentials like baby clothing, toys, and care products which are useful and what every new parent needs, but may not have time to assemble in those early, busy days. This practicality extends the value of the gift, making it not only a pleasure to unpack but also a useful aid in daily parenting tasks.

Gift Baskets Stand Out: They go beyond the ordinary, ensuring that your gesture of love and support stands out above the rest. They surpass the ordinary notion of sending a floral bouquet baby gift, like everybody else.  The arrival of a newborn is an extraordinary occasion deserving of an equally extraordinary gift that radiates thoughtfulness and genuine sentiment.

Special Touches for Little Ones: Our Love for Baby Gifts Shines Through Every Basket

We love creating new baby gift baskets.  As mums ourselves, we can't help but admit that creating baby gifts for newborns holds a special place in our hearts. We understand that a new baby arrival is one of life's most joyous and celebrated occasions, and so we aim to create extraordinary newborn gifts which reflect the happiness and excitement of such a momentous life changing event.  As an independent and family-owned business, we take great pride in offering a wide range of distinctive and high quality gifts that cater specially for new babies, and that we'd be delighted to receive ourselves. 

We have very high standards, and our baby hampers perfectly reflect our commitment to excellence. Drawing from our personal experiences as parents, we understand the importance of quality and safety in products designed for newborns. This first hand knowledge guides our gift selection process, ensuring that every item we offer meets a stringent quality standard - and one we would expect for our own babies and young children. As Mothers, our approach to creating new baby hampers is marked by a rigorous dedication to quality. We meticulously select only the best-selling baby gifts and trusted brands, favouring those we have confidently used with our own babies.

This careful vetting process ensures that our collection comprises items known for their reliability, safety, and ability to bring joy not just to babies, but also to new mothers and parents navigating the early stages of parenthood. We possess a deep understanding of the essentials that make the most meaningful and appreciated gifts for new families. This insight, combined with our high standards, enables us to assemble a collection that resonates with the needs and wants of new parents.

The Baby Gift Basket Experts: Trust Us To Exceed Your Expectations

Delivering baby hampers that exceed expectations has been our priority for the last two decades, and we've absolutely delighted that we have reaped the rewards by retaining very high levels of repeat custom. Below are just two reviews from happy customers.

"My daughter rang me last night to say she had received her baby basket and was rapt with the contents and quality of the items.  Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service - great to have a reliable country in the UK I can use for this sort of thing. I was impressed with your attitude and care taken." Michael; Australia

"I was pleasantly surprised by my shopping experience. I have often found that when you order things that go straight to the recipient the quality is often not what you see on the website. This is the first time I have used Basketsgalore. I was impressed by the range and quality of items they had on their website. I ordered a new baby hamper to be delivered to me to take over to my neighbours who had just had a baby. The quality of packing was great. The quality of the baby items were lovely, and it was beautifully put together and attractively presented. I felt it was really good value for money and it was a pleasure to knock on the neighbours door and give them their gift basket. I will definitely be using them again." Sara; New York.

If you are searching for New Baby Gifts for delivery in the United Kingdom, we are delighted you have found our family owned and operated gift business, and we look forward to being of service and exceeding your expectations.