At Baskets Galore we've been creating Easter Gifts for nearly 20 years. We've known for quite a while now, that an individual Easter egg just doesn't cut it when it comes to an Easter Gift Basket. We wants eggs yes, by also more. Here we discuss how we set ourselves apart from the crowd when it comes to Easter gifting.

History of the Easter Egg

The egg, an ancient symbol of new life, has been associated with Christianity and the celebration of  Spring for hundreds of years. The first chocolate Easter egg actually appeared in France and Germany in the 19th century.  They were however solid, very bitter and very expensive. Fry’s (a UK chocolate company) was the first company to use a mould to make the eggs hollow inside. This technique was snapped up two years later by Cadbury’s, and well, the rest is history.

Easter Gift Basket For Grown Ups

Easter Gift Basket - Because Less is Never More

Today, according to a survey carried out by Statista, over 80 million boxed Easter Eggs are sold across the UK.  We know that the humble chocolate egg is the traditional gift of choice at Easter. However, at Baskets Galore, we say why be predictable when you can be exceptional. We say less, is never more. Why gift an egg when you can gift an egg and then some this Easter? With a beautifully presented and completely delicious Easter Gift Basket. The perfect Easter statement when the traditional Easter egg doesn’t quite hit the mark. And after the past few months we’ve all had, everyone deserves to be spoiled this Easter.

Easter Gift Basket for Big Children

Easter is one of the only times in the year when we are encouraged to throw all diets out of the window and indulge a little. It awakens a feeling of nostalgia and allows us to be transported to our childhoods. So with all this in mind, we didn’t want the grown-ups or older children to feel left out. This is why we create a number of gift baskets that contain slightly more sophisticated Easter goodies, while still maintaining a sense of fun.Like the quintessential golden Easter bunny from the Swiss, master chocolatiers of Lindt. Luxurious hazelnut truffles from Butler’s and independent retailers like Naive Chocolate and Skelligs Chocolate from our very own shores. Determined to disrupt traditional chocolate creation methods with new, innovative ideas and flavour combinations. These organic craft chocolates armed with the finest ingredients continuously break the mould. With the most unique flavour profiles and distinct tastes, the results are truly luxuriant. An Easter Gift Basket by BasketsGalore truly showcases the exquisite taste sensations that the UK and Ireland have to offer.


Easter Gift Baskets - Guaranteed to “Wow!”

You can choose an Easter Gift Basket starring freshly baked goods from our local bakery. Or an assortment of premium chocolate for those with a slightly more expensive taste. Or even a decadent full-bodied wine to go with all the chocolate.  You can rest easy in the knowledge that every single basket has got the “wow” factor guaranteed. There is no better surprise than expecting a chocolate egg and receiving a basket full of luxuriously delicious treats. Presented in a hamper, hand-tied with a satin ribbon and finished with your personalised Easter gift card. Delivered safely to your lucky recipient's door via contactless delivery. Check out our entire Easter range here.


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