Children’s Easter Surprises: Perfect Easter Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Why not surprise the little ones with something unexpected this year? Easter is an opportunity to gift something that doesn't just indulge their sweet tooth but also creates lasting memories.

As springtime blooms and the days grow warmer, Easter approaches with its promise of joy and new beginnings. It's a season sprinkled with magic for kids, brimming with egg hunts, colourful crafts, and the anticipation of the Easter Bunny's sweet offerings. But beyond the sugar rush of the traditional Easter egg lies the opportunity for gifts that are not just devoured but remembered—gifts that tickle the imagination, nurture creativity, and continue giving long after the last chocolate has been savoured.  

At Basketsgalore, we understand the joy that comes from watching a child's face light up with genuine delight. That's why we've developed a collection of Easter treats that go above and beyond. From cuddly companions to games that spark laughter and learning, our baskets are like treasure chests that will endear kids and warm the hearts of families—even those celebrating from miles apart.

In the spirit of Easter, a time of cherished family traditions and joyful surprises, we invite you to explore a world of unique Easter delights that speak your love in every ribbon-tied detail. Ready to hop into the world of extraordinary Easter gifts for your little ones? Let's make our Easter unforgettable, together!

What to Get Kids for Easter?

The time-honoured tradition of giving and receiving Easter gifts is a highlight for children worldwide. While Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies are perennial favourites, why not surprise the little ones with something unexpected this year? Easter is an opportunity to gift something that doesn't just indulge their sweet tooth but also creates lasting memories.

Easter Bunny Basket -  A Bundle of Joyful Discoveries

Enter the Easter Bunny Basket — a whimsical collection that promises to enchant and delight. This basket is not just a gift; it's an experience waiting to unfold. Imagine the sparkle in your child's eyes as they discover not one, but two Cadbury Easter Eggs nestled among an array of goodies. But the joy doesn't end there; the basket is a treasure trove brimming with surprises including:

  •  A Cuddly Easter Lamb that's soft to the touch, ready to become your child's new favourite snuggle buddy.
  •  The beloved Lindt Easter Bunny, an icon of the season, in a pack of five, offering a luxurious melt-in-your-mouth chocolate experience.
  • The whimsy of the Sweet Boutique Whirligig Lolly and the delectable Chocolate Coated Mallow & Marsh Marshmallows, treats that are both playful and pleasing to the palate.

Presented in an open round wicker gift basket and adorned with a luxury satin ribbon, this Easter Bunny Basket is more than just a collection of treats. It's a warm embrace from afar, and a gift that endears you to the hearts of the little ones. Each basket also comes with a personalised greetings card, allowing you to express your Easter wishes in your own words.

Whether you're near or far, the Easter Bunny Basket brings the spirit of Easter right to your loved one's doorstep. It's an instant classic that blends tradition with a touch of the extraordinary, making it the perfect start to a joyous Easter morning.

Great Gifts for Grandchildren

The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is woven with threads of timeless love and stories passed down through generations. Easter presents a unique chance to strengthen this connection with tokens of affection that remind your grandkids how much they mean to you, even when you're celebrating from afar. We remember long into our lives gifts from our childhood presented to us by our often departed grandparents.  They were often the best gifts that spoiled, the gifts that our parents would not want to buy for us themselves.  We’ve tried to retain that little touch of childhood innocence in our designs that transcends what we might have expected to witness in terms of age demographics.  Lots of grown up men and women are still perceived still to be kids.

Easter Bunny Basket for 2 Children: Double the Delight

For those special grandparents with a duo of darlings to spoil, the Easter Bunny Basket for 2 Children is the answer to your Easter conundrum. Thoughtfully put together to ensure shared joy without the squabble, this basket serves up double the fun and love.

  • Two Cuddly Companions — a lamb and a bunny — offer twice the comfort and twice the memories, as each child receives their own furry friend to cherish.
  • The assortment of Cadbury Easter Eggs and two sets of Lindt Bunnies ensure that there’s plenty to go around, preventing any sibling rivalry and ensuring a peaceful, joyful holiday.
  • Unique treats like the Palm Oil Free Strawberry Gourmet Sweets by Candy Kittens and Crunchy Chocolate Ballers by Doisy & Dam offer a gourmet twist to the Easter festivities, catering to modern tastes and a new generation’s palate.

Every item in the basket has been chosen to convey a message of love and consideration. From the choice of two of every treat to ensure fairness, to the inclusion of a personalized greetings card to express your heartfelt Easter wishes, every detail has been tended to with the utmost care. Presented in a small, fabric-lined white wicker gift basket, this selection is both elegant and heartwarming — a true representation of your affection.

The Easter Bunny Basket for 2 Children isn't just a collection of treats. It's a warm virtual hug, a Sunday morning filled with laughter and play, and a way to be there in spirit during the egg hunts and Easter celebrations.

Celebrating Tweens and Teens This Easter

The Easter basket for a tween or teen is a fine balance between playful nostalgia and their maturing tastes. As they navigate the bridge between childhood and young adulthood, your Easter gift can honour their growth while still tapping into the joyful spirit of the holiday.

Teenage OAP Easter Hamper - Sophistication Meets Sweetness

The Teenage OAP Easter Hamper is our living nod to the older kids who still light up at the mention of the Easter Bunny but crave something a bit more grown-up. It's a hamper designed to delight the sophisticated palate of a teenager while still embracing the fun of the season.

  •  A duo of Cadbury Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs provide that essential Easter morning thrill, a sweet start to the holiday.
  • Forest Feast Belgian Milk Choc Brazil and Fruit and Nut Milk Chocolate Bar from Skelligs present a luxurious twist on classic chocolate treats, appealing to more discerning tastes.
  • Our Hames Luxury Milk and White Chocolate Lollies adorned with chocolate buttons are as visually impressive as they are delicious, perfect for that Easter photo op and satisfying sweet cravings.

Beautifully packed in our 'Box of Happiness' and wrapped with a luxury satin ribbon, this hamper comes with a greetings card that you can personalize with your message, adding a touch of heartfelt sentiment to your gift.

The Teenage OAP Easter Hamper is the perfect Easter morning surprise, combining the traditional with the trendy, and sweet treats with stylish eats. It's an Easter gift that acknowledges their individuality and growing maturity while keeping the fun and excitement of the holiday alive.

Beyond the Chocolate Egg – Creative Easter Gifts

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, and while chocolate eggs are a staple, the spirit of Easter invites us to think outside the shell. It's about celebrating new beginnings and creating moments that last beyond the season. Let's discover how to make this Easter memorable with gifts that offer more than a momentary treat.

Easter Basket For Younger Child - Nurturing Minds and Hearts

For the youngest members of the family, Easter can be a time of wonder and learning. The Easter Basket For Younger Child is a thoughtful compilation that caters to the curiosity and playfulness of little ones, while offering parents peace of mind with quality, age-appropriate items.

  • The basket includes a Cuddly Easter Lamb from Keel Toys, a plush companion that can offer comfort and become a beloved part of your child’s Easter memories.
  • To nurture the growing mind, we’ve added Shopping List - Educational Game by Orchard Toys, perfect for ages 3-6. It’s a fun, engaging way to learn and perfect for some quality family time.
  •  A Popular Colourful Story Book For Children is tucked in, ready to take your child on a literary adventure, sparking imagination and a love of reading.
  • Of course, it wouldn't be Easter without a little chocolate. The basket features a Cadbury's Easter Egg and Lindt Bunny Set to satisfy those sweet cravings with a touch of indulgence.

Adorned with luxury satin ribbon and accompanied by a greetings card for your personalized message, this basket is presented in a small, fabric-lined white wicker gift basket, making it a beautiful keepsake. It's a thoughtful way to celebrate the holiday with gifts that engage, educate, and inspire.

The Easter Basket For Younger Child goes beyond the typical Easter fare to provide an experience that is both enriching and enchanting. It's about giving a gift that continues to give, fostering learning and joy well after the Easter eggs have been found.

Wrapping Up the Easter Joy

As we've explored, Easter is a splendid time for showing our love and appreciation for the little ones in our lives through thoughtful gifts that go beyond the traditional chocolate egg. From the Easter Bunny Basket brimming with delectable treats, to the Easter Bunny Basket for 2 Children designed to double the delight, and the Teenage OAP Easter Hamper that captures the essence of growing sophistication, each gift basket is put together with love, care, and a touch of Easter magic.

The Easter Basket For Younger Child reminds us that Easter gifts can also nurture minds and hearts, offering more than just sweet treats, but memories and learning experiences that last. These baskets, each unique in their offerings, are tied together by the joy they’re designed to bring and the messages of love they carry from you to the special children in your life.

At Basketsgalore, we're committed to helping you make Easter a memorable occasion, filled with laughter, joy, and the kind of gifts that tell stories, spark imaginations, and build memories. Whether you're near or celebrating from afar, let's make sure every child wakes up to a little piece of Easter wonder this season.

Browse our full collection at Easter Gifts and Hampers Gift Delivery by Baskets Galore, and find the perfect Easter surprise for every bunny in your life. Happy Easter to you and your family, from all of us at Basketsgalore. Here's to creating moments of happiness and togetherness, no matter the distance.



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