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Everyone knows a balanced Easter diet consists of a chocolate egg in each hand for the duration of the break. But more importantly it’s a time spent together with our friends and family members. It’s an especially magical time of year for kids with many Easter hoppenings!  Such as egg hunts, painting eggs and above all eating chocolate eggs.

Make planning Easter easier this year by exploring a range of Easter Gifts filled with eggs, combined with a host of treats that will impress even the fussiest foodie.  But above all make sure that whatever Easter Gift you send this year and to whomever you send it whether it be a hamper, a gift basket or an Easter Box, there must always be an Egg inside.


For The Youngest

Childrens Easter Gifts

Why give one single Easter egg to the little ones this year when you can gift a magnificent Easter Gift Basket. I can’t imagine anything more exciting as a child than receiving a basket filled with all my favourite things. Visit an Easter Gift Delivery Here

Inside the Kids Easter Baskets are a combination of Cadbury’s Easter Eggs, Lindt Chocolate Bunnies and sugar free jellies which are healthy yet delicious. A popular choice every year is the Easter Bunny Basket, the most clever aspect is that it can be tailored slightly depending on the number of siblings there are. But who said kids should have ALL the fun at Easter, right?


For the Youngsters

Easter Gift Baskets

The next age group up from the Kids and Youngsters is the Aged 8+ group..  The percentage of 8-18 years old who receive these Easter Gift Baskets is dwarfed by the age group 18-30.  Almost as many gift baskets go to those aged in the 30-50 age bracket. After 50 regrettably there does appear to be a tailing off in the numbers of Easter Baskets being received by this age group, but every once in a while a large order will land in seeking to rejuvenate a workforce with chocolate and fun.

Which just goes to prove that just because we age,doesn’t mean we enjoy Easter any less and doesn't mean we need different Easter Gifts. If anything, we crave chocolate more and the Easter Baskets remind us of those happy times as a youngster when the Easter Eggs would all sit on the Sideboard waiting for Easter and the great opening. 

Gifts such as Easter Lions Waverly Gift Basket from the Easter Gift Basket range have mature contents such as Lindt Golden Egg and delicious Chocolate cake which are perfect for enjoyment by all age groups.


For the Family

Easter Family Hampers


What are your plans for Easter? For many it’s simply spending quality time with nearest and dearest. That could be playing board games, quizzes or just relaxing. But as families gather together, we often find ourselves panicking. Thinking things like “What if I don’t have enough Eggs?” or “What if they don’t like the chocolate I got them?”..

That’s why a range of Family Easter Hampers are perfect for families or groups of friends to share. Filled with a carefully selected assortment of varying tastes and flavours. They contain something for the whole family to enjoy.


Easter Gifts Ready for Dispatch


Easter is not only a magical time for families, but Basketsgalore as well. Easter Preparation starts weeks in advance with a warehouse packed full with Easter themed goodness. Secure yours today by visiting Basketsgalore for more Egg-citing creations.