Coming into the Summer months there is always such a buzz about the BasketsGalore office, as although they aren't as many BIG gift giving occasions to keep us busy we use this time & opportunity to plan ahead for the next year, as well as continuing to dispatch all your birthday, get well, thank you, congratulations and baby gift baskets of course!

At the moment the team are busy recruiting a new member, creating new videos, planning a new website navigation and LOTS of new gift baskets designs! In fact, the whole range is being overhauled to be even more unique & personal than before. Talk about having plenty to do, but it certainly makes your working day go by quickly.

busy team

Without giving too much away we are working on recategorising some of the sections on BasketsGalore and our gorgeous new range of gift baskets will slot perfectly into these. I blogged a few days ago about the first section to be updated being the "100% Fruit Baskets", but how we are going to wait and launch the new site and new gift baskets altogether in the Summer. We did give you a sneaky preview though, as we couldn't resist showing them off!A+B+C Coming Soon!We've been speaking with you, our lovely customers, to canvas opinion and for idea inspiration so please do get in touch with any suggestions or feedback. We love to hear from you :)