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The Greatest Gift Baskets in the UK

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With a name like Basketsgalore, you'd be forgiven for assuming that Gift Baskets is what we excel at. For 12 years we've been producing the type of gift baskets that our customers want to send and we've been growing rapidly as recipients choose to google gift baskets and arrive at our web-site. We... seek high quality and versatillity when selecting our base baskets and then we expand the range of brands and products available thereby offering potentially infinite combinations of gift baskets.

You can send a gift basket to just about anyone! They are not restricted to just men, or just women, they are not restricted to merely being food gifts as they can be pamper gifts for men and women, they can be fun gifts for both genders. We've also dispatched hundreds of childrens gift baskets over the years. You can set a low budget or you can select a luxury gift basket filled with multiple combinations of food, fruit, novelties and pamper items, whatever you decide, Basketsgalore is here all year round to ensure that your gift basket is delivered safely anywhere in the UK and beyond.
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To be the world's best gift basket company continually changing to reflect our customers needs.

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Gifts For Categories

Budget Gift Baskets

Here at Baskets Galore we understand that everyone does not want to spend large amounts of money or that they have a budget to stick to. This is why we make it easy for customers to use our website. This category contains our cheaper gift baskets and hampers that do not comprise on quality.

Value Gift Baskets

The most important thing to consider when making a gift basket is style, and we believe that our gift baskets and hampers are the most stylish around the market. We have created some of the best priced gifts while keeping them stylish. These baskets prove that you can be fashionable without having large fashion price tags attached.

Luxury Gift Baskets

Luxury Gift Baskets filled with premium quality gifts delivered next day from Baskets Galore.

Food Gifts For Her

Pamper Gifts For Her

Fun Gifts For Her

Food Gifts For Him

Siblings, Sweethearts, dads, sons, husbands, uncles and boyfriends - they all have one thing in common; they love good food. Our Food Gift Baskets For Men means that you no longer have a problem knowing what to get them.

Pamper Gifts For Him

Although every man won’t admit that they like to be pampered and they won’t go and buy themselves a pampering gift this is where our gift baskets come into play. You can spoil a man without them being embarrassed.

Fun Gifts For Him

You will be able to find RC Cars and Helicopters flying about the Fun Gifts for Him section of Baskets Galore. They are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, etc and are very popular with men of all ages. Make him smile at anytime of year with a gift basket or hamper packed full of fun filled gifts.

Children Gift Baskets

Attempting to discover the perfect gift for your nephew, grandchild or little girl can be very difficult. This category provides the solution to your gift hunting. All of our gift baskets are made by hand and packed with confectionary to books and magazines.

Student Gift Baskets

Teen Gift Baskets

Searching for a gift for a teenage boy or girl? We understand that they can be incredibly difficult to buy gifts for them because it’s almost too easy to get it wrong. Why not surprise them with a colourful gift basket filled with lots of edible treats perfect for any teenager.

Best Sellers

For those special people in your life why not consider getting them a Basket Galore Best Selling Gift Basket. We have the largest selection of gift baskets for your son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, grandad, grandmother, nephew, niece, aunt or uncle! Next day fast convenient delivery nationwide.