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The problem with trying to be the Ultimate Gift Basket company is where you draw the line. In our desire to convert the UK to the concept of Gift Baskets as the best gift choice, when you want to send a present that has impact and imagination, we can find it difficult to know when to stop. What we try to do is theme baskets filled with a collection of gifts and foods, which are catered exactly to the tastes and desires of the recipient. We think this mean they are so much more imaginative than a flower bouquet or a gift hamper. We tend to think of ourselves as chefs. Our shop floor is just like a kitchen where weights and quantities are measured. We chose the raw ingredients, and then adjust the seasoning in order for the Gift Basket to taste just right to the person who is receiving it.
With this principal in mind we produce Gift Baskets which have a fun or a pampering theme designed specifically for Women, fun, gadget and creative themed Baskets for Men, along with the Gift Baskets which are more food and fresh fruit oriented. We create Gift Baskets designed for Children, Babies and for Students. Basketsgalore truly is the Gift Basket company in the UK for every occasion and everyone. There's so much more we want to do in the years ahead as we evolve our range to be more exciting, more innovative and more personal to the receiver. New Gift Baskets for men and women were added throughout the Summer such as the Lions range, as we strive to produce a catalogue of "something different" Gifts Basket with that all important WOW factor.
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