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Gift Baskets designed to suit a specific individual or personality type are a speciality at Basketsgalore. In this section you'll find a brilliant variety of themed Baskets, which have been designed to include contents tailored for Men, Women and Children. We've a wide selection of imaginative Gift Baskets that have been designed to be suitable for a vast spectrum of personalities, from Mature Grandparents to Young Grandchildren. The wide spectrum in between include Gift Baskets that appeal to Him and to Her, and are often sent to work Colleagues, Friends and Family members.
Whilst it can be said that there is a Gift Basket for everyone, years of experience have taught us that there are certain combinations which are most popular according to gender, and if the Gift Basket is for a Male or a Female. Food naturally dominates, so we classify foods favored by either a Woman or a Man. Pamper Baskets are more often that not purchased for Ladies, and then there are the Gadget Style Fun Baskets which are often a Male dominated gift choice. We make great efforts to make our Basket Gifts imaginatively different and the gifts contained within are of superb quality with a "wow factor". We hope you'll agree that we've taken Gift Baskets in the UK to an entirely new dimension in terms of visual appeal, value for money and diversity of choice.
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