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We're still working it out ourselves. Exactly how do you define the limitations of the gift basket as a gift of sufficient substance to send to loved ones? To many extents we see our shop floor as being more like a kitchen measuring weights and quantities. We chose the raw ingredients and then adjust the seasoning in order for the gift basket to taste just right to the person receiving.

With this principal in mind we produced gift baskets which have a fun or a pampering theme designed specifically for women and for men, along with the gift baskets which are more food oriented. We've got gift baskets designed for children and for students aswell as for baby boomers, generation X and the millenials. We're the gift basket company in the UK for every occasion and everyone.

There's so much more we want to do this summer as we evolve our range to be more exciting, more innovative and more personal to the receiver. New gift baskets will be added throughout the summer and we hope we succeed in producing something which will exceed your expectations.
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