July seems to have been quite a long month, as although this is a round up of week 4, even the majority of next week is still July. That hasn't stopped it going by fairly sharpish mind you.Dan was away for a few days holiday and so we swapped dispatch days this week, with  me taking on Monday. Monday is always a good day as the orders have built up over the weekend and so you get plenty of choice for what to feature.I opted for a Thank You Gift Basket as not only is it full of a mixture of sweet and savoury foods and  some rose wine, but it is themed so well with the use of a Thank You Balloon, Thank You Cake and vintage Thank You Teaspoon. This particular one (Thank You Lions Bakerloo) was ordered by a couple in Boston to thank their friends in Bromley for being the perfect hosts when they were visiting.We've seen a few versions of our Fancy Pantry Basket being dispatched lately, but it was nice to see the male version on Tuesday and themed for  70th birthday, 70th Mens Birthday Hamper Gifts: Fancy Pantry. Ordered by a daughter in Queensland, Australia for her father in Northern Ireland's special birthday. She told him she would see him in a few weeks so she is perhaps coming to visit or maybe he is jetting off to see her in Oz.Grandpa's are special, let's face it and so this basket was a bit of a hit on our socials - Golden Grandpa Gift Basket. When I looked up the order details it was exciting to see a Mum in Norway ordered it and included a lovely message from her son, for his Grandpa: "A box of little treats from your no.1 little fan." As well as cakes and other sweet treats, Grandad also gets a construction set and hero mug.A young & fun birthday hamper was Thursday's selection themed with a birthday balloon, cake and including an inspirational mug. Ordered internationally for a teenagers birthday celebrations in Dublin, we think our All Things Nice Birthday Gift Basket will have been a big hit.Dan was up on Friday as we had swapped and noticed quite a few Contemporary Baby Boy Baskets being dispatched, so it was proving a popular choice and deserved to be showcased. It's easy to see why it is a favourite choice with a cute outfit, little leather shoes, bibs, a rattling owl, monkey comforter and skin set duo.Another great week featuring a wide range of occasions and recipients and showcasing our international customer base. Ordering from us based in the UK & Ireland means delivery is much less than if you had to post something from your own country, plus it takes the hassle out of it. We hope our gift baskets provide you with some inspiration if you have a special even or occasion approaching and are in search of gift ideas.