It's currently around 3 in the afternoon, which is perfect afternoon tea time. So of course, if you send me out into the warehouse for photos at this time of the day, I'm just going to zero in on the goodies you would typically accompany a cup of tea with. So it should be no big surprise that I came back with a hamper filled with bakery goods, right?This beyond awesome Old Ireland gift hamper is one from our team-sharing range, designed for office sharing in particular - you know, gather in the break room and have a cup of tea kind of thing, whilst fighting one another for a cupcake (you can take the cupcake from me if you want, but I will fight you for the shortbread bites)This is going to the nurses in a hospital in Crumlin, Ireland, as a thank you for looking after the sender during her days in the ward. Much deserved I say, it's amazing the amount of things these lovely ladies do; my sister was in hospital recently and no matter which ward she went to, the nurses were ever patience and lovely to her, even when my sister was whining, crying, whimpering, complaining and seemingly determined to make life hell in the ward (they ha