Hello Tuesday! As per usual I am staring with Gift Hamper blog. You are all aware now that we choose only one hamper per category.Well today I have chosen sweet and bubbly hamper - Chocolate Oblivion Hamper! When I see this beautiful hamper first thing that pops in my head is Celebration. On this occasion the celebration is to welcome new baby boy to the family. I am sure brand new mum & dad will enjoy these treats for disturbed nights.This heavenly Chocolate Gift Hamper combines classic Champagne with a modern selection of award winning gourmet chocolates. From fabulous ganache truffles handmade in Co. Kerry to the world famous Swiss chocolatier Lindt, we've incorporated chocolates suitable for all tastes. It's a perfect congratulations gift.Today this chocolaty treat is leaving us to a family in Ireland. Gift sent by friends from South Africa. This is a congratulation and welcome baby boy to the family.