Okay, now that I only have to cover one hamper, I am actually a lot more relieved, because I now don't have to feel as guilty taking apart all of the assembly team's beautifully made hampers in order to take a picture of the contents. Instead of unwrapping and opening up 3 hampers, it's just one! So rather than getting 3 disappointed sighs (I am fairly sure I'm imagining and over-exaggerating this, because I don't think the team minds THAT much - it's just me feeling guilty), I only get 1. That is a vast improvement!Sometimes, if I'm being clever, I don't even have to open up the hamper. Instead, I simply do this:Voila! Just gather up stock from around the shelves and arrange it tastefully in front of the hamper instead! Problem solved. I can't really do this trick for the 3 hampers per blog in the past, mainly because it takes me forever to gather the things and then I ended up hogging up a LOT of space with them, and generally getting in the way of the packaging team.Okay, enough of my babbling for a mo, this is a Great Taste Award Chrome Duo hamper. I was originally going to showcase a Champagne Eclectic hamper, but you would not believe how lost I felt trying to find the champagne listed on the product description. It's not my fault! They switched the cupboards around and I don't know what is where anymore! So yeah.... let's skip that one for another time and have this one instead.The Chrome Duo hamper actually lists a Chocolate Ganache pudding in its contents, but unfortunately, there seem to be a product issue with them so we had to contact the supplier about it. For today, we had substitute the pudding with mmmmmmmmeltingly delish toffee waffles and an additional chocolate bar.