A corporate client of mine emailed me urgently yesterday wanting 15 of our Yesteryear Taste hampers to be delivered tomorrow in Dublin, Ireland. So here I was, rubbing my hands and thinking, fantastic! I would cover it in today's blog! Of course, as always (and honestly, this happens so often, what'd you expect?) I walk out to the warehouse for my photos and they're all packed up! The assembly team is too efficient! I even went out early and they still managed to get a lot of hampers and baskets all set to go before I could even peek at them, much less take their photos!Anyway, with no Yesteryear Tastes, I did snatch up a rather rare Savoury Port hamper instead.2415930 Savoury PortMostly popular during Christmas, but having the odd rare sale throughout the year. This is the Savoury Port hamper, which is the Port and Cheese hamper, but with chilled meats. Today's hamper has two air-dried components in it instead of carved ham though, which actually makes it very nice to take a picture of because the packaging gives it a different splash of colour in comparison to the normal ham.Port is a bit of a niche market, isn't it? Well, to me it is, my parents both do not drink port, but they do drink wine, so how about a wine hamper?2415926 The GourmetIf that's the case, then The Gourmet hamper is right up your alley. It comes with a bottle of Shiraz and accompanying nibbles such as pate, chocolate, cheese and oatcakes.Speaking of rare hampers, I spotted one on the shelf - a Neue Brunswick.901220 Neue BrunswickWow, this hamper was heeeeeeavy. I could barely get it off the shelf and onto the countertop for photography. It's very big as well. Just check out the hamper size in comparison to the wine bottles in front! This hamper is designed with sharing in mind, and it's off to an office team in London tomorrow. There are chocolates, baked goodies, more chocolate, more bakery items, nuts, snacks, teabags, coffee, candy, and more. There is bound to be something in here for everybody!