Our Gift Baskets For Children have always been quite popular and even more so lately when Lynne gave the range an overhaul.Here we have an example of a gift basket for a boy, Snuggle Time Boy, and one for a girl, Glitz & Glam.The Snuggle Time Gift Basket comes in a range of ages so as we can select an age appropriate book, and in this case the little boy is 5-6 years old. It was sent to him with best wishes from his mum's company in Kansas City, so we think perhaps as a get well gift. There is also a version for girls of various ages too, with a cute pink bunny & dolly.The Glitz & Glam basket is aimed at girls aged 8 years or older, and in this case was being sent along with a World's Greatest Girlfriend basket. I thought isn't that lovely a mum & daughter receiving a gift basket each, and so I read further into the message accompanying them. It was from family in Israel to say they missed them both very much and wishing them a Happy Purim. This involved a bit more reading from me, to discover it is a Jewish Holiday being celebrated on 11th/12th March this year. I've learnt something new again today now, and hope they enjoy their gift baskets very much.