Happy Summer Solstice everyone! We hope you are enjoying the longest day of the year, especially those of you enjoying a sunny one! What have you been doing in those 16/17 hours of daylight?We are busy creating your orders of course. I volunteered to blog again today about our Daily Gift Basket Dispatches, as Laura is working to a tight deadline at the moment.First up is the Baked Regards gift basket going to a hospital in Dublin. A training college in the US were sending it as a thank you for letting them come to visit & speak with their medical students. Apparently it was the highlight of their trip & they wanted to show their appreciation with this  Thank You gift.Next up is our Birthday Favourites gift basket, which has been around for many years now. Not the same one obviously, just the name! It gets a slight update each year, but the name & contents have been very popular. This one was going to a Mum on her 98th birthday! Brilliant eh?Finally, I went with Wedding Words of Wisdom. I was reading up about the Summer Solstice today & it said that in the farming calendar June is traditionally a quieter month, as it's between planting & harvesting. This is why June was always a popular month to get married in & still is.This wedding gift basket was being sent to a couple in Surrey, from their friends in Australia who unfortunately can't make the wedding. They said they will raise a glass to them in Tokyo & look forward to them visiting soon.