It's always a happy thing to spy a super cute gift basket being made up when you're rushed off your feet and the day seems to fly by far too fast to be real. I'm juggling a number of things on my plate right now in the office, so there doesn't seem to be enough working hours in a day to get them all done in time. So it was that a lot of the hampers and baskets being made up in the warehouse are all blurring together for me and I could barely recall how many I walked past. But one stood out very vividly amongst all of them.The Busy Bee for Girls Age 3-4, is just a super cute and adorable wonderful creation sitting there posing like a princess to have its photo taken. Just look how endearingly cute and adorable and cuddly and oh-I-can't-even-think-of-an-adjective-anymore it is!It's a basket for girls age 3-4 years old, but little birthday girl Fatima in Bedford, UK, getting this basket is 2 years old, advanced in her development and learning, and ready to tackle the 1 year difference in toys.Actually.... speaking of little girl birthdays, I do believe it's almost my little baby niece's one year old birthday. Better start looking for a gift - or rather, ask the parents what she doesn't have already, and what is actually allowed to be bought for her birthday. I'm fairly sure that as much as baby Eevie love cardboard boxes, an empty cardboard box is not appreciated as a birthday gift, especially when the parents ends up tripping over them.Any suggestions?