And it's me again! Yes, it really does seem like this week is a Laura and Kate blog week! Can't help it, it's summer so naturally people are off to the holidays or enjoying the limited sunshine our British weather could give us.Speaking of sunshine, I was speaking with somebody who was definitely NOT enjoying the sunshine - my grandma! She's currently in Hong Kong and the sweltering heat is getting to her. We were on the phone recently and she kept nagging and complaining about how the heat over there is ruining her gossip time with her friends when she meets them under the park bridge every other day to play cards. (I know, under the park bridge, playing cards - very shady business sounding, right?)Who else had been catching up with their grandmothers? How are they coping with the summer weather? Would they like a gift basket? Like this one?The Special Grandmother With Flowers Gift Basket is an ideal gift for all grandmothers out there.... except mine...unless there's salted fish in it, THEN it's a different story. Alas, we have yet to include salted fish in our baskets, and I'm fairly sure my grandmother would be the only one who would even want salted fish in a gift basket.Anyways, this basket with NO salted fish, is for Karyn's nanny in Liverpool, UK. Karyn is currently in New Zealand, as such she couldn't be here to celebrate her nanny's birthday with her. Hopefully this gift would bring a smile to her nanny's face on her big day.(FYI, to let you know why salted fish might not generally be appreciated in a basket, I am banned from bringing in ANY leftover dinner dishes containing it for lunch in the office. Yes, it does smell)