Hello, hello! With Roma jetted off on holiday, you have lovely ol' me to cover her blog for her. And the first thing in order is to cheat where instead of writing 3 different dispatch blogs, I'm just doing a single Gift Basket of the Day blog - insert cheeky smiley here.In my defense, it was supremely busy yesterday afternoon with the phones ringing constantly and a non-stop stream of people coming through our live chat support, so busy that I didn't get any of my own work done at all yesterday and am taking today to finally catch up!But when I went out to the warehouse for the pictures though, I spotted a basket with the most adorable gift message.This World's Greatest Boyfriend gift basket is being sent by Emma in the United States, to David in Dublin, IE.Without showing the whole message here, she says that this is a 'stupid but cute' gift from her to him, bringing to mind that this is a gift bought on the whim instead of for a special occasions and that the 'bear' (actually a monkey) in the basket is for him to snuggle in the place of her as she's away, 'unless it didn't come with one' since she was 'too lazy to check lol'.Don't worry Emma, as you can see above, the 'bear' is in there safe and sound!That aside, I just love how the message just feels so whimsical, romantically silly and almost giggly. It really brings a smile to your face.